Masters of Speed

The innovative welding processes devised by Lorch.

Speed translates to productivity.

So much is for sure. Anyone who can accomplish more in a shorter period of time works with greater efficiency. However, more speed must never result in less than satisfactory quality. Speeding up the welding process is only an asset if the penetration and weld integrity are assured at the same time, and the whole process is extremely simple to use for everyone. Only when this is the case can you step ahead and enter the next level of productivity: lean-welding process without time-consuming preparation work and lots of post weld reworking tasks. This was the focal point of our meticulous engineering efforts that yielded our latest MIG-MAG process innovations. All of them clearly increase your welding speeds, simplify the process considerably and enable higher productivity.

You can enjoy this kind of speed with these three Lorch welding units: the P, S, and S-SpeedPulse series.

But, we will now take the time to ease down on speed and inform you in detail. Kick back and allow yourself to be thrilled.

The Lorch XT processes

SpeedPulse XT

For a new and improved welding feel.

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SpeedArc XT

Ideal for narrow gaps.

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Speed-TwinPuls XT

Picture-perfect seams at maximum speed.

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The other Speed processes by Lorch


Vertical seam welding has never been easier or faster.

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MIG-MAG for the root.

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Stay cool is the motto.

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