Lorch MicorTwin.Maximum speed and picture perfect.

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The TIG weld seam now has a MIG-MAG twin.

The perfect weld appearance.

An attractive weld appearance is often valued highly when welding thin and medium sheets (1-8 mm) especially in areas with visible weld seams. The TIG welding method used to be used here in the past due to its ability of producing beautiful weld seams with an even and uniformed pattern. The MIG-MAG welding method is now able to do the same! This makes the process simpler in many areas. For example, two lots of welding equipment is no longer necessary, and highly specialised workers can be relieved to take on other more demanding tasks that would ordinarily have to be TIG welded. The perfect weld appearance can be produced easily, time and again, and by anyone. Twice the welding speed is added to all of the advantages already named!

This leads to beautiful weld seams with the highest speed.

MIG-MAG MicorTwin

Any welding task needs the weld appearance to match. 

Individual, simple, at the push of a button.

The weld appearance and individual chevrons can be controlled comfortably via the dynamic settings with the MicorTwin process. The welding programmes are already optimised for best results in the entire area of application, permitting welding to begin without any elaborate adjustment to gain a greater focus on what is truly important: Perfect weld appearance, quick and customised.

Individual seam scaling - from coarse to fine.

Perfect for aluminium, CrNi, and steel.

MicorTwin is particularly suitable for welding of Aluminium and CrNi-applications (thin to medium-walled) and of medium-walled steel applications, such as frames (bicycle) or structures (tables, chairs, beds). The U-I-controlled pulse process uses alternates from a peak to a background arc phase without any material transition in the background phase.

“I believe that this is a true highlight for our customers. I never would have expected a MIG-MAG process capable of producing such a weld appearance at such speeds. It just looks great. Try it out and see for yourself!”

Frank Knuf,

Responsible development welder.

Now available for the MicorMIG Pulse!

The MicorMIG Full-Process Pulse – order now!

The MicorTwin process is part of the systems listed below. It is additionally available via a customised system. MicorMIG Pulse systems from 2018 onwards can be easily upgraded with the MicorTwin process as well.

Full flexibility. Highest performance. True Lorch.