INNOVATIONS.State-of-the-art welding technology – made in Auenwald.

You just weld something somehow. If you want or need to deliver first-class work on every project, you need more than a power source, a torch and a steady hand. After all, it's about much more than just a weld.

It's about more than 65 years of experience and know-how in developing and manufacturing the highest quality welding equipment.

It's about the fact that since our founding in 1957, we have slowly but surely developed into one of the most innovative companies in welding technology.

It is about the inventive drive to always want to make good things even better and about the heart and soul to accept even the biggest hurdles not as an obstacle but as a challenge.

The result: A perfect connection

As one of the leading manufacturers of arc welding systems, Lorch has always set new technological standards in the market. Numerous patents, prizes and awards are proof that our engineers and developers work tirelessly on even more controllable welding processes, innovative operating concepts, measures for digitalization and automation, and new welding systems.

Solely with the goal:
Perfect welding results. For more productive welding.