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Profit doubly from registration!

Lorch doesn’t just promise quality but warrants it. Lorch customers benefit from an extended manufacturer’s warranty of 3 years, amounting to triple the time required by law. Lorch also gives a 5-year warranty on main rectifiers and transformers. It warrants availability of spare parts for at least 10 years following production of your Lorch unit.

To get this service, register your welding system for the Lorch warranty extension within 30 days of the purchase. You will receive a warranty extension certificate by email following successful verification of your registration request by Lorch’s service team.

  • We can process your individual warranty claim without any detours with the data you provide. This makes the procedure that much faster.
  • Extend your warranty to 3 or 5 years respectively – truly Lorch!

All warranty services and conditions.

The warranty services and conditions are summarised in the brochure that comes with every new Lorch product. You can download it here as well.

Customer service.

You can rely on Lorch products and its support to boot!

A high-quality product from Lorch always includes high-quality technical support to allow assistance, no matter if you are a customer or a dealer of the Lorch partner program. At Lorch, you can rely not only on the highest quality welding equipment, but also on best customer service.


The service team offers email and phone support if there are any issues. It helps you find the right solution quickly and cost-effectively. No matter if it’s about a warranty claim, a repair, factory repair, or a technician visit - all of your concerns and queries will be dealt with professionally and quickly here.

Phone + 49 7191 503-255

Mon. - Thur. 8:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.
Fri. 8:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.

Service partner search.

The Lorch contract partners will be happy to help you personally, closely, and professionally as well as the competent Lorch customer service team.

The Lorch partner search will easily let you find a trained contact in your area to give you some expert advice.

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Lorch offers more than regular customer service.

Works service.

The Lorch factory service offers on-site repair of your Lorch equipment at need. However, you can always have your welding equipment repaired at our location in Auenwald as well.

Torch service.

Proper repairs reduce the use of wear parts while increasing your torches’ service lives. Lorch puts outstandingly trained sales and service partners at your disposal for the repair and maintenance of your welding torches. Keep torch maintenance costs fully under control at all times with us.


Have an annual preventive maintenance of your Lorch products performed to prevent failures and ensure of your welding production’s productivity.

The scope of maintenance includes:

  • Cleaning, visual, and electrical inspection
  • General functional test
  • Documentation of the test results
  • Calibration and repair on request

If your welding system shows any signs of wear due to extensive use, a competent repair network of qualified technicians is at your disposal.

Advice: Combine maintenance with calibration and accident prevention service for your system to save time, money, and nerves.

Accident prevention review.

Industrial safety and accident prevention regulations require periodic safety inspections of your welding systems. They should be performed at least once a year in order to detect major consequential damage in advance.

Lorch will keep you safe:

  • Safety inspection (UVV) according to BGV A3 and welding unit standard (ICE 60974-4)
  • Compilation of the test record
  • Application of the test mark
  • Archiving of your test records


Lorch’s mobile and cutting-edge on-site calibration service returns your welding systems to greatest productivity as quickly as possible, no matter the manufacturer. You will receive all necessary calibration certificates and inspection stickers directly on site after calibration.

Why calibrate periodically?

  • Verifying the measuring and control accuracy of your welding system
  • Verifying compliance with standard-compatible tolerance ranges
  • Ensuring reproducibility and consistent quality
  • Welding in accordance with the standards of the welding procedure specifications (WPS)

Why use Lorch?

  • Calibration to the standard DIN EN 60974-14
  • Trained staff for best service quality
  • Calibration includes welding systems of other manufacturers
  • On request also with software update for your Lorch system


Do you have short-term additional requirements?

Do you want to avoid a long-term investment?
Then a rental unit from Lorch may be the better solution for you! Rental equipment is available from partners or from Lorch directly. Submit your rental request to service@lorch.eu

Further information.

Best preparation for upcoming certification audits.

As the owner of a Lorch WPS package, you can find the entire WPQR test documentation of the welding instructions from the WPS folder online. Please log in at the WPS portal with your personal login data.

Operating instructions and spare parts lists on demand.

Operating manual and spare parts lists are requested frequently. As a result, we now provide them via our Lorch Information and Service Assistant (LISA).
Dealers with direct LISA access and end customers can download the operating manuals and view the spare parts lists via this guest access .

Ordering spare parts.

A Lorch welding system can comprise as many as 1,700 parts. Use of original Lorch parts warrants you a long service life at best function. Genuine spare parts for long service lives and our quality promise can be ordered through your Lorch partner. Find a partner now.​​​

Are you a Lorch partner?

Log into the MyLorch vendor portal to access the quality and warranty system.