Occupational safety & accessories.Protect the most important asset: yourself.

Perfectly protected from helmet to shoe.

Your safety takes the highest priority for Lorch. Lorch offers the matching workwear and necessary accessories for MMA, TIG, or MIG-MAG welding alike to make your daily work between hot workpieces and intense arcs as safe as possible.

Autoprotect Flex-Pro 8-12.

The darkening filter offers optimal visibility and protection for electrode, MIG-MAG, and TIG welding. The protection levels can be set from DIN 8 to DIN 12 and are indicated on the LED display. The viewing pane of the 44 x 93 mm field of vision can be easily replaced. The flexible headband and excellent wearing comfort are important for longer welding deployments.

Auto darkening filter RED by Lorch Flex 9-13.

RED is the professional darkening filter for MMA and MIGMAG welding, with protection levels DIN 9 to DIN 13. The 40 x 96 mm field of vision ensures a proper view at optimal protection. The equipment includes a solar panel and the grinding mode.

Protective clothing by Lorch. Exactly your size.

Welder's clothing by Lorch keeps your perfectly protected while looking good to boot! Excellent workmanship, many practical details, and a modern cut meet high-quality and innovative materials: A special fibre blend with Proban-FR finish and 75% cotton content combines greatest possible safety with excellent shape retention and maximum wearing comfort. This is true Lorch quality.

  • Excellent protection from heat and fire
  • High wearing comfort due to special fabric
  • Robust quality with approx. 360 g/m² material thickness.
  • Extremely resistant special seams.
  • Outstanding dimensional stability.
  • Many clever and useful details.

Always well-advised with close, personal, and honest support.

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