The MF-09.The all-round carefree package for your production.

The multifunctional, powerful, and intuitively operable wire feeder.

The equipment and accessories for the iQS are just as diverse as your areas of application. This also
includes a completely new MF-09 wire feeder.

That is the part that must fit perfectly with the intended use in everyday production. Long weld seams,
large parts, and difficult welding positions require precisely the right feeder case configuration.

The MF-09 offers an all-round carefree package for your production. The long and short of it is that your
welder must love the feeder case and be able to work with it. That is why we focus on user-friendliness in
everyday use in combination with maximum robustness.
The result leaves nothing to be desired.

3 points for practice.

Modular design, also available as bulk pack version.

The MF-09 has a modular design. The spool housing can be disassembled to obtain the most compact wire feeder possible for a bulk pack.

MF-09. Water or gas version?

The feeder can be used both as a gas or water version. This is determined by whichever interconnection hose package is connected. Easy to attach and installed with a single click. This makes the conversion between water and gas particularly uncomplicated.

The right undercarriage for maximum range with the MF-09.

Suitable suspension kits are available for the MF-09. The wire feeder is supplied with slide rails ex works. However, a 65 mm roll or 125 mm heavy-duty trolley kit can also be fitted at need.

Simple and robust feeder case fixture.

A robust and stable mandrel helps in placing the feeder case intuitively on the system for transport. The bottom of the MF-09 is designed to make it  particularly easy to find the right place for latching it. Truly Smart.

Robust 4x4 feed system with quick exchange system.

The easily accessible wire feeder of the iQS offers sophistication in every detail. The perfectly
coordinated exchange system makes sure that nothing is standing in the way of a quick change of the robust and durable Lorch feed rolls. Screws and tools are not required at all.

Maximum control thanks to the wire space window.

How much wire is left on the reel? The MF-09 will tell you at a glance, without interrupting your