LMS PERformance torch.Your torch for the industry of the future.

Welding in the top class.

The special advantages and benefits of the torch:

The new LMS Performance torch is the torch for the industry of the future. It features perfect ergonomics, excellent performance, maximum productivity and sustainability due to its repair-friendly product design.


Maximum productivity.

Lorch welding technology right to the contact tip. Resulting in ultra clean weld seams, barely any rework, less costs due to less wear part and gas consumption, and happier, higher-performing welders. Keep your welding production going and the costs at hand.

Perfect ergonomics.

Professional welders have already confirmed: the outstanding torch ergonomics is setting new standards in practice. With this perfectly balanced torch, we are giving welders a tool that meets the highest ergonomic demands and offers unmatched levels of comfort.

Excellent performance.

The LMS torch will get the best out of your Lorch system. Clean and constant welding results are a matter of course. Even in welding aluminium and stainless steel. Our ambition leads to your perfect weld seam.

Sustainable welding.

To us, sustainability starts with product design. First of all the torch is built to be easily serviced and repaired if necessary. All parts and wear parts are aligned with highest quality. The whole torch system is designed to reduce the thermal strain and results in significantly longer lifetime of the consumables. The environmentally friendly packaging is a matter of course.

1. Maximum productivity..

Getting the best out of your Lorch system.

Compact build.

Everything optimised to enable the slim torch handle. Every professional welder knows from his daily work how important perfect handling is for a optimal and fatigue-free welding.

Perfect current transmission.

Unlike with conventionally designed torches, the current is not only transferred via the tip adapter and the thread, but primarily via the rear conical area of the contact tip. The special shape allows the rear of the contact tip to sit perfectly into the tapered recess of the torch neck, ensuring perfect and reliable current transfer via the direct copper-to-copper connection.

Centring of the wire.

The special design of the contact tip produces a wire straightening effect. It has a immediately recognisable positive effect on the welding result since the arc is much more stable.


The innovative multi-ball joint ensures maximum mobility and allows the welder to work effortlessly even in difficult positions.

2. Perfect ergonomics.

Perfect in the welder’s hand.

  • Well balanced, slim and ergonomic shape
  • Compact size due to the perfectly integrated Powermaster electronics
  • Excellent grip thanks to the raised textured surface and 2K-soft areas
  • Optimal handling due to smooth contours and high flexibility of the multi-ball joint

3. Excellent performance.

Simply better welding.

  • Optimised design for pulse welding
  • Extremely stable and reliable arc
  • Innovative contact tip cooling
  • Perfect gas coverage
  • Minimised temper colours in stainless steel welds
  • Clean weld seams (low smoke & soot) in aluminium

4. Sustainable welding.

Reduced wear protects resources.

  • The special design of the contact tip and the mounting of the contact tip
    • effectively counteracts formation of micro-arcs within the contact tip
    • dramatically improves the current transfer from the torch neck to the contact tip
    • provides an additional cooling of the contact tip
    • leads to less consumption of consumables due to the reduced termal strain of the torch front end
  • Additionally the separated transport of shielding gas through the torch provides the basis for reduced gas consumption and lower costs
  • Repair-friendly design
  • Environmentally friendly packaging

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