Q-Data by LorchDocumenting welding data offline and anywhere.

Welding data documentation: Smartly thought. Simply done.

Q-Data by Lorch is a smart system to simplify documentation of your weld seams, a central requirement of EN 1090, a great deal. All it takes is the Q-Data device itself and installation of the included software on your PC.

The recorder will store welding data for up to one month in 3-shift operation. The data saved can be easily transferred to a PC via LAN or USB for evaluation. Since it does not require any internet connection, welding data can be recorded on construction sites or during assembly on site as well – wherever you want.

The welding system and Q-Data recorder communicate via the LorchNet. A matching connection to make things smart and simple with welding data documentation is available in all Lorch welding units.

Document. Evaluate. Analyse.

Simple welding data documentation with Lorch Q-Data.

Q-Data is your professional and outstandingly simple gateway to welding data documentation. Its intuitive user interface allows documentation, analysis, and evaluation of welding data at any time and without any great effort to keep your welding process details in view even in the long term.

Lorch Q-Data

Real time overview.

You can view welding parameters such as current, voltage, wire feed speed, and gas flow rate right on the Q-Data recorder display even while recording the welding data.

User manage­ment and easy collection of production data.

RFID clearly assigns welding processes to the welders who perform them. Additional details such as job, part, weld seam, and WPS numbers can be entered via the number pad or an optional scanner.

Data transfer by USB or LAN.

The stored welding data can be transferred quickly and easily via USB or LAN to maximise flexibility in selection of the transmission method.


Q-Data by Lorch in action.

Intuitive operation of the Q-Data by Lorch.

Operate the Lorch Q-Data intuitively via context-sensitive direct control keys. Its large digital display reflects the recorded welding parameters welding current, welding voltage, wire feed, and gas flow rate in real time.


Q-Data operation

  • Large LCD display with context-sensitive direct control keys
  • Very simple menu control
  • Keypad for entering job, part, weld seam, and WPS numbers

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