Lorch Q-SysPrecise welding data monitoring. Highest quality.

Automated high-end quality monitoring and documentation.

The Lorch Q-Sys is a stand-alone solution for welding data recording and quality control, serving as your automated welding process monitor.

Automated quality monitoring controls the welding parameters in order to find faulty weld seams based on up to eight parameters defined per system and analysed for you by Lorch’s Q-Sys 2020. Even complex welding tasks with fluctuating main parameters become easy this way.

The system warrants defect-free series production from the starting point to the end crater by detecting any errors and enabling automatic intervention in the process.

Increase your productivity with this digital quality manager.

Overview of the advantages of the Lorch Q-Sys.

The Lorch Q-Sys Lorch automatically monitors weld seam quality for you to eliminate even the smallest defects and produce higher quality at lower waste.

Lorch Q-Sys

Precision monitoring.

With to 8 selectable parameters, the Lorch Q-Sys monitors complex welding tasks very accurately as well as flexibly. Choose the parameters to be actively monitored and those to only be documented per welding task.

Welding data documentation.

The integrated documentation database of the Q-Sys ensures complete recording of the welding data to warrant tracking of all work steps and welded parts.

Calibrated sensors on board.

Your chosen welding data will be transmitted to Q-Sys directly via the smart process technology at the power source. Data transfer uses the LorchNet cable that connects the welding system and Q-Sys easily. The enclosed, pre-calibrated measuring sensor technology allows the Q-Sys to make do without any additional costly sensor technology, saving annual calibration costs on your end.


Intuitive operator guidance by touch display.

Operate the Lorch Q-Sys easily via the integrated touch display for simple and quick selection of the parameters you need.


Q-Sys operation

  • Large 10.1 inch multi-touch display
  • Intuitive menu control and well-structured user interfaces
  • Simple and individual setting of the welding parameters to be checked
  • Flexible specification of limits and tolerances of weld seams

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