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Why robot welding?

Welding automation for greater productivity and profitability.

Achieving consistent quality and high volumes at the greatest productivity are the greatest challenges when welding. As a result, welding automation is growing increasingly important, and robot welding is developing along with it. 

Robot welding is the safe and cost-efficient solution for these challenges. In addition to the classical method of manual welding, which remains irreplaceable in certain areas, automated welding with a programmable system or a welding robot has some essential advantages. The right welding robot solution allows large industrial operations and smaller companies with a wide range of batch sizes alike to benefit from greater productivity and profitability. 

Overview of the advantages of robot welding.

Benefit from the greatest quality around the clock.

  • Simple operation 
  • Minimised error rate for low wear 
  • Consistent quality of serial products in small and large quantities 
  • Health protection for workers 
  • Safe welding in inaccessible locations or in hazardous environments 
  • Higher production speed 
  • Relief for welding specialists 
  • Highly precise results for improved quality 
  • Diverse use 
  • Faster work processes 
  • Reduced production costs in the long run 
  • No shift operation required 
  • Working around the clock 
  • Improved productivity 

Robot welding and welding automation: answering the most important questions.

Such a welding automation solution must consist of optimally matched parts in order to be able to use all the advantages of robot welding mentioned above and to achieve reproducible results. In addition to the robot, a welding system that automates the complex and efficient welding process is required. The system is customised for your application, and even different welding processes can be used based on area. 

The welding robot and the system are the two core elements surrounded by other components in the automation solution that completes the overall package. They are attachments for the welding robot, special robot torches, suitable communication interfaces, and a wire feed to match the power source.

Once all of these components are perfectly aligned, the automation solution can be used in full and all its advantages applied

Lorch makes it as easy as possible to get started with robotic arc welding since the various components are all provided by a single source. The power source and the matching wire feed are high-end systems specifically adapted to use with welding robots. 

A variety of standardised communication interfaces allows our robotics systems to cooperate with leading manufacturers such as Yaskawa, ABB, Fanuc, Kuka, Motoman, and many others. Our systems can generally be operated with any welding robot. 

The Lorch Robo torch is a custom development for automated welding production, perfectly suited for all robotic applications. Attachments for the robot are also optimised to match the other components and complement the overall package. Interaction of all components from control to arc ensures perfect results, no matter if as a bundle or adapted to special applications. 

Welding automation of your production with a welding robot does not need to be expensive. The purchase price will often pay off in only one year. Simply ask a Lorch partner in your area or a Lorch robotics expert to help you find the automation solution to perfectly suit your company, your needs, and your budget! 

The Lorch V-RoboTIG, Robo-MicorMIG, S-RoboMIG XT, RF-06, RF-02 as well as the RF-05 system are the ideal power sources and feeders for robot welding. They are available individually and as part of a complete robotics solution from Lorch. 

Always well-advised with close, personal, and honest support.

Are you looking for a full robotics solution for your welding production or are you interested in a Lorch welding unit with special suitability for robot welding? The Lorch partner search will easily let you find a competent contact in your area to give you some personal advice.