EC-Clean 1000R.For clean weld seams. Lightning fast and environmentally friendly.

Cleaning and passivating a weld seam in a single step and only 30 seconds.

Bid farewell to chemical or mechanical cleaning methods!

Stainless steels obtain their corrosion resistance through a thin passive layer of chromium oxide. The heat from welding destroys this layer, rendering the surface susceptible to corrosion. Temper colours and oxidation must, therefore, be removed after welding and the surface must be re-passivated. This is usually done either chemically or mechanically. 

Dry cleaning by pickling is toxic, requires long exposure times and leaves unsightly pickling marks. Mechanical processes by brushing or grinding are non-toxic – but almost always leave ferrites or iron oxides on the surface, which produce new rust. Beam processes, on the other hand, are associated with high investments. Surfaces also must be passivated in an additional process step, either by storage or with chemical passivation agents. 

Take the more efficient path and apply electrochemical cleaning with arcs and a carbon fibre brush.

Passivate your weld seam easily and quickly with light and a carbon fibre brush using the EC-Clean 1000R! An electro-chemical process allows polishing of the workpiece to a mirror-smooth finish and signing it in a forgery-proof manner. EC-Clean comes in when stainless steel is welded, in all areas from railing, vessel, and pipeline construction to the furniture industry. Its application is perfectly safe since the electrolytes used are also found as additives in the food industry (phosphoric acid E338). 

Millions of small arcs lighting-fast in use.
Millions of small arcs lighting-fast in use.

Forget about toxic pickling or mechanical cleaning!

EC-Clean cleans, polishes, and passivates in a single step.


Pure efficiency.

Millions of small arcs at the ends of the carbon fibre brushes remove all impurities on high-alloyed stainless steels and even on non-ferrous metals such as copper in the blink of an eye. A second work step to passivate the weld seam is not necessary. 

No hazardous substances.

The EC-Clean 1000R cleans with the power of arcs without using any toxic pickling chemicals such as hydrofluoric or sulphuric acid. Only non-toxic electrolytes that are also used as the food additive E338 are used for this. 

Cleaning, polishing and passivation in a single step.

  • Cleans thoroughly and quickly even in corners and edges 
  • Polishes the workpiece until its surface is as smooth as glass 
  • Passivation protects the workpiece from corrosion
  • Perfectly non-toxic electrolytes 

Signing of texts and motifs.

  • Dark-signing of stainless steel by oxidation.
  • Light-signing of aluminium by material removal 
  • Durable and resistant to chemicals or abrasion 
  • Long-term stencils can be used up to 5,000 times 
1 Step
Up to5000x

Lorch EC-Clean in Action.

Always well-advised with close, personal, and honest support.

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