Lorch SpeedPulse XT.Extra fast. Extra low spatter. Extra handling control.

Be the master of the arc.

SpeedPulse XT turns the welder into the undisputed master of the arc. This is mostly due to the patented control technology of the Lorch S-series that combines the powerful new process with every advantage of the previous SpeedPulse process:

  • There is no transition arc subject to spatter as in conventional MIG-MAG-welding.
  • SpeedPulse makes the process colder all in all. Perfect temper colours serve as proof when welding stainless steel.
Vergleich Standard-Puls und SpeedPulse
Vergleich Standard-Puls und SpeedPulse

 An ability to increase the deposition rate the key to increased speed. A pulsed arc may have one drop per pulse, but our process specialists have found a way to add another drop to it. This leads to a controlled, virtually flowing material transfer to the workpiece like in the spray arc but covering the entire material thicknesses.

Welders are no robots. They react to unevenness and changes. The SpeedPulse XT gives the welder extra freedom to influence the arc, e.g. by adjusting the torch distance. The welding system makes adjustments faster and more precisely than ever. It even does so within the same pulse phase. This allows the welder to intuitively guide the arc more calmly and safely, and to incorporate slight corrections into the welding process without any delay, with impressive results.

Combined with the extremely robust and stable arc properties, this improves handling and quality at little to no spatter, which leads to significantly less rework. Keep up with changing times when welding.

Und so sieht Schweißen mit dem Speedpulse XT mittels einer Hochgeschwindigkeitsaufnahme aus
Und so sieht Schweißen mit dem Speedpulse XT mittels einer Hochgeschwindigkeitsaufnahme aus

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Area of use: Steel and stainless steel


  • Up to 48% faster welding
  • Less heat input due to focused arc
  • 50% less noise due to pleasantly quiet arc
  • Excellent arc handling and visibility
  • Much less spatter, which equals less rework



  • Automation/Manual welding: High process reliability and intuitive arc length adjustment
  • Melting capacity: Raising the upper limit of the deposition rate of the impulse process
  • Penetration: Greater penetration depth
  • Dynamics: Process effect adjustment options
  • Ergonomics: Constantly pleasant pulse frequency, lower noise


All relevant facts and figures as well as additional information can be found here:

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