The Trac RL series.Precise and flexible. Reproducible weld seams for many different materials.

Greater productivity, higher quality, and lower costs by partial automation.

The Lorch Trac RL series welding tractor track system ensures consistent weld seam quality. Even long welds are completed particularly precisely and at constant speeds. There is virtually no limit to their application as the welding tractors of the Lorch Trac RL series are available with tracks in flexible or rigid version, with magnetic or vacuum mounting to offer greatest flexibility in use.

The Trac RL Performance even allows easy setting of parameters right on the welding tractor control panel that simply and efficiently transfers the welding parameters to the system. The integrated arc length control (AVC) and tactile seam tracking of the performance version, ensuring perfect weld quality even at high sheet distortion and workpiece tolerances, are special highlights.

Flexible track system, consistent speed.
Flexible track system, consistent speed.

Unlimited options with welding tractors: The track system of the Trac RL series.

Flexible track system.

The bendable track system permits use on curved surfaces and can be used starting at a radius of 5 metres.

Ring track system.

This prefabricated ring track allows welding of pipes or containers. This track system for Trac RL Performance is available with fixed diameter options.

Rigid Track System.

This simple track system is used for straight-lined applications and permits work beyond the workpiece.

The matching Lorch welding tractor for any application.

Overview of the advantages of the Trac RL series.

Thanks to its flexible track system and the consistent speed, the Trac RL warrants consistent seam quality at all times. It significantly reduces process time by mechanised welding and makes work easier for your welders.

The track system ensures that the Trac RL maintains the ideal set angle for the welding application. As a special benefit, the employees’ workplace ergonomics can be improved, and welding times grow shorter and shorter.

Trac RL-Series

Flexibly adaptable track system.

Flexible or rigid tracks with magnetic or vacuum mounting for greatest flexibility in use.

Operation made easier.

The intuitive control panel saves time when setting the required welding parameters with buttons and a plain text display. The Trac RL Performance control panel can even be disconnected for more ergonomic operation.

Integrated pendulum unit.

The integrated pendulum unit of the Trac RL Pro enables the production of weld seams at a higher seam volume while compensating more easily for workpiece positioning errors.

Integrated orbital function.

Highly efficient welding with reproducible seam quality even in awkward positions is made possible by the integrated orbital function of the Trac RL Performance.

Lorch Plug & Weld.

Simple and comfortable connection of your Trac with the matching Lorch welding system: simply connect it and start welding.

Optimal torch setting.

Three-dimensional torch fine adjustment makes the torch quick and easy to optimise for the application at hand.

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Intuitive operation right by the welding tractor.

Adjust several important welding parameters right on the tractor to increase your independence. Set the speed and direction of travel on the spot. Ensure proper settings by testing your set arc without requiring any great movement. Increase your flexibility even further by choosing between three operating concepts for the Trac RL series from Lorch.



  • Simple button and dial operation advanced
  • Parameter settings via buttons or OLED graphic display

TRAC RL Performance

  • Parameter settings via buttons or OLED graphic display
  • Detaching control panel for adjusting the parameters in operation

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