Simply ingenious, no matter the direction.

The Cobot Turn 100 A turn-tilt table always ensures the optimal welding position for Cobot welding. The precise positioning for each weld seam can be specified in the programming process. This increases quality, productivity, and flexibility while saving valuable time even in demanding welding tasks and roundseams. 

The perfect supplement:

The Cobot Turn 100 A perfectly supplements the Loch Cobot Welding package. Quickly integrated into existing work processes, easy to operate, and immediately productive, the Cobot is the perfect system for automation on small to medium batches. Investment costs are low, too. In combination with the Cobot Turn 100 A, the Cobot's performance can be increased even further. The turn-tilt table can be easily attached to the Cobot and programmed immediately and intuitively via the operating unit thanks to the simple operating software update. No matter if bought as a complete package or as a retrofit: the two components supplement each other perfectly in the end.

The advantages at a glance:

  • Two-axis manipulator: Longer welding without interruption and re-clamping since the parts need to be repositioned rarely or not at all.
  • Fully integrated Lorch Motion software: The dedicated URCap Lorch Motion is fully integrated into the Cobotronic software and easy to retrofit. 
  • Simple and intuitive operation: The smart, dedicated software is easy to operate. Programming processes can be configured intuitively.
  • Safety engineering: The laser scanner and virtual housing keep the plant freely accessible at all times under consideration of employee protection. 
  • Workplace ergonomics: The avoidance of constrained positions and repositioning saves effort and improves workplace ergonomics.


Fully integrated. Perfectly sophisticated.

Lorch Motion.

The additional axes can be controlled simply and intuitively with the integrated Lorch Motion software. The different programming functions offer a wide range of options and automatic support functions to simplify programming. The functions, from reference runs, to positioning, permanent operation, up to roundseam welding can be programmed and calculated intuitively. Optimal positioning has never been simpler.

"We achieve massive time savings of up to 40% thanks to the welding Cobot solution with turning-tipping table. We also relieve our welders during particularly long, exhausting welding work."

Alexander Hörzenberger,

head of steel construction at Habau Group


Would you like to learn even more about the Cobot turning-tipping table from Lorch? Technical data as well as details on application and equipment can be found here: