The V-RoboTIG-series.HeavyDuty TIG automation

Simple and flexible integration. At superior TIG quality.

The V-RoboTIG stands out as a simple and flexible TIG automation solution for perfect integration, as well as with maximum flexibility and performance since it combines outstanding advantages of the Lorch V-series with all components that are important for automation. The DC and AC/DC versions provide a suitable power source for any robot application.

Apart from this, the wide range of digital and analogue interfaces allows perfect communication between the V-RoboTIG and any robot or automation system. For example, the LorchNet interface is integrated by default to enable the V-RoboTIG to communicate with system components such as a TIG cold wire system or an additional hot wire power source.

High-end control technology also calculates a specifically processed signal that can counteract in workpiece height by adjusting the arc voltage (AVC). Seam tracking compensates for undesirable deviations of the seam when welding non-circular contours.

The “3 steps to weld” operation concept makes welding quick and easy while preserving outstanding arc performance to get started right away. What are you waiting for?

Full flexibility. Perfect TIG results. Automated.

Overview of the advantages of the V-RoboTIG series.

The V-RoboTIG always meets the requirements of high weld quality, a reliable system and sufficient flexibility. On top of this, the V-RoboTIG stands out with its digital versatility and can be easily connected to robots or automation systems ideally using the same TIG systems, no matter if the interfaced used is a digital LorchNet Connector one or an analogue interface board.


High-performance TIG.

Outstanding TIG technology and tried and tested inverter technology, protected in a robust industrial housing, optimise practicality and productivity in automated welding.

TIG cold wire with the RF05 CWT.

The optional RF-05 CWT robot feeder is compact, weight-optimised, powerful, and offers best insulation to ensure outstanding TIG quality for cold-wire welding as well as high speed with two different wire feed speed options.

Up to 100 welding tasks.

Complete recurring tasks quickly and efficiently! The Tiptronic job function saves and recalls the parameters for up to 100 welding tasks.

Perfect results in thin sheets.

The integrated pulse and fast pulse function at up to 20 kHz is particularly suitable for welding thin welding sheets. It permits outstanding weld pool control for perfect results even for difficult tasks.

Robust industrial housing.

The fully resilient industrial metal housing is extremely robust while its aerodynamic bulkhead keeps dust and dirt out of the system and makes it ideal for any outdoor use. The sturdy handles allow for suspension from a crane and can prevent potential tripping hazards by winding the welding cables. Combined with the double gas cylinder safety device, this warrants safety at all times.

Energy efficiency at full power.

The integrated stand-by function ensures turns individual components on and off automatically. The Thermocontrol sensors monitor system temperature and control the fan as required to save energy and reduce fan noise as well as the amount of dust entering the device.

Optimal parameters with the SmartBase.

Dank SmartBase-Technologie ist der Lichtbogen immer perfekt auf die ausgewählte Elektrode abgestimmt – Schweißparameter, Zündung und Arbeitsbereich werden automatisch ideal angepasst. Für optimale Freiheit kann die Feinjustierung des Lichtbogens individuell vorgenommen werden. Damit schweißen Sie garantiert mit einem optimalen Lichtbogen.

BUS coupling system for all common protocols.

The LorchNet connector optimises connection of the V-RoboTIG power source to the robot controller. It serves as an interpreter, translating all signals and information from the internal LorchNet BUS system into the robot’s language from one of the common FieldBus or Industrial Ethernet protocols. All signals relevant for torch control, such as blow-out function, collision protection, and the contact sensor can also be communicated via the BUS system entirely. An analogue-digital interface INT-06 for control cabinet installation or power source internally with 42-pin Harting connector is available as an option.


The V-RoboTIG series operation concept.



  • “3 steps and weld” operating concept
  • Simple one-button operation
  • Stepless current adjustment
  • Digital Volt-Amperage-display
  • OLED graphic display with language selection
  • User-focused operator guidance with illuminated symbols and welding sequence control
  • Tiptronic job memory for 100 welding tasks

3 steps and welding:

Best operation. Best welding result.

Lorch systems are so easy to operate because we integrated many of the things you have had to adjust since as assistance systems during development. A maximum of 3 steps and you weld perfection. The rest runs in the background. A very good system serves you, not you it. Operate - without you having to deal with it.

Powerful, yet compact robot wire feeder.

The requirements on a wire feeder case for robot applications are clear-cut: compact and weightoptimised, yet powerful and, naturally, perfectly insulated to permanently safeguard the electronics built into the robot. The RF-05 CWT satisfi es these requirements to the full extent and is optimised for robot applications in many respects. The entire development process of the robot wire feeder revolved around versatility. The unit comes in two versions, delivering feed speeds that ensure, on the one hand, absolute precision for superior TIG quality during cold wire welding and, on the other hand, increased speed of work. Better still, the RF-05 CWT is equipped with a completely digital controller, a tacho-regulated drive and a 4-roll precision feeder for exact wire delivery.

Greater quality, productivity, and profitability for your welding production.

Made possible by digitalisation. Made simple with Lorch Connect.

Data collection has enormous potential. It provides information on every single parameter along your value chain to decisively influence quality, productivity, and profitability of your processes. As a result, Lorch has developed a cloud solution that is as cost-effective as it is intuitive to use, providing the transparency required and helping you digitally master your daily tasks.

Lorch Connect records your welding production data to let you analyse your processes and optimise them in a targeted manner. Add the optional Lorch Connect to your welding system for a digital overview.

Q-Sys 2020: Highest quality thanks to precise welding data monitoring.

The Q-Sys 2020 stand-alone solution fully monitors and evaluates weld seam quality entirely as a welding process monitor. This provides fast and accurate welding data recording, controls welding parameters and identifies defective weld seams. This warrants error-free production.

Figure: Pimcore ID 1051

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