The MicorTIG seriesThe power packs for mobile TIG welding.

Strong. Highly flexible. Intuitive. TIG welding units on the highest level.

Professional TIG welders or occasional welders alike find welding units of the Lorch MicorTIG series the ultimate TIG devices at the construction site and in the workshop alike. They are suitable for both steel and stainless steel

The MicorTIG series improves work results of TIG welders around the world in manufacture or repair, with or without a power outlet on site and renders their daily lives easier. A light weight of only 6.8 kg contributes as it makes the Lorch MicorTIG welding unit easy to take along anywhere, even when carrying accessories in its assembly case. 

Small but impressive, the welding units in this series use 200 amps from any regular outlet with their patented MicorBoost technology

TIG welding anywhere, with mains or generator power.

Advantages of the flexible Lorch MicorTIG welding units.

MicorTIG welding units stand out with their compact, lightweight housing and excellent performance no matter the power supply. They offer the greatest flexibility and serve as the ultimate, fully functional TIG welding units for mobile use


Intuitive operation.

The amperometric digital display and clearly structured user interface allow intuitive yet highly precise operation. An operation concept with a graphic display can be added as an option as well. 

Contact-free HF ignition.

TIG ignition works contactless with high-voltage pulses applied at the touch of a button even in battery-powered operation. Since the tungsten electrode does not touch the workpiece, the weld seam will not be contaminated while the electrode remains protected. 

Pulsing and fast pulsing at up to 5 kHz.

The integrated pulse and fast pulse function at up to 5 kHz is particularly suitable for processing thin welding sheets. It permits outstanding weld pool control for perfect results even at difficult welding tasks. 

Job memory for up to 10 welding tasks.

The job function saves parameters for up to 10 welding tasks and quickly recalls them at need to complete recurring tasks quickly and efficiently

Perfect for MMA welding.

Lorch MicorTIG welding units can be used for any type of electrode. They offer a convenient pre-.-selection for CEL and standard electrodes and can even handle special electrodes easily. The arc-force control comes in when welding, ensuring arc stability and perfect material transition. The electrode will not stick or anneal due to the anti-stick-system. 

MicorBoost technology with up to 200 A from the power outlet.

The patented MicorBoost technology provides enormous voltage reserves to adjust the TIG arc in an outstandingly stable, controlled, and precise manner even at fluctuating mains voltages. This makes welding at up to 200 amps possible on a regular outlet. 

Performance plus thanks to Lorch's MicorBoost technology.

With MicorBoost technology, Lorch welding equipment can be made even lighter and more compact while ensuring increased power output.

Conventional welding inverters have relatively few voltage reserves. Whenever the arc becomes unstable during electrode welding, the conventional inverter has too little power to stabilize and the arc energy briefly collapses. This reduces the average arc power. MicorBoost technology provides huge voltage reserves. The collapse is avoided or decisively shortened and the arc power increases.

This enables a new quality in welding: Extremely stable and controllable - even with a long drawn arc.


The smart MicorTIG welding unit housing.

Align with your welding tasks in every detail.


Connections, and cables remain particularly stable thanks to the 25 mm² thick welding cables as well as the large industry-capable welding sockets with diameters of 13mm. 

Maximal mobility.

A single click detaches the cable and switches to battery mode, for example. 


The standard control panel cover and integrated dust filter protect your Lorch MicorTIG welding unit perfectly even in rough assembly conditions. 

The MicroTIG series by Lorch in use

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Simple or detailed: Operation of the MicorTIG series.

Enjoy simple and intuitive operation in addition to the extensive TIG functions of the MicorTIG welding units. The automatic setting achieves outstanding welding results in no time at all



  • “3 steps and weld” operating concept
  • Simple one-button operation
  • Stepless current adjustment
  • Amperometric digital display


  • “3 steps and weld” operating concept
  • Simple one-button operation
  • Stepless current adjustment
  • Amperometric digital display
  • With graphic user guidance in the OLED graphic display
  • Maximum adjustment thanks to detailed welding sequence control
  • Job memory for 10 welding tasks

3 steps and welding:

Best operation. Best welding result.

Lorch systems are so easy to operate because we integrated many of the things you have had to adjust since as assistance systems during development. A maximum of 3 steps and you weld perfection. The rest runs in the background. A very good system serves you, not you it. Operate - without you having to deal with it.

Always well-advised with close, personal, and honest support.

Are you interested in an MicorTIG series welding unit from Lorch but not quite certain of which model to choose yet? Do you have any other questions? The Lorch partner search will easily let you find a competent contact in your area to give you some personal advice. 


Do you want to learn more about the Lorch MicorTIG series? Technical data as well as details on application and equipment can be found here: