The Trac WL series.Mobile. Flexible. Partly automated. for perfectly reproducible results.

Partial automation for particularly challenging welding tasks.

Do you need high-quality longitudinal and curved seams on magnetic substrates? The particularly compact and portable Lorch WL series tractors can be your solution. They let you weld both horizontal and vertical seams in reproducible quality over long distances.

The partly automated application also reduces the high physical effort of very long seams for welders and makes consistent high seam quality easier to guarantee.

Typical applications include long supporting structures such as in trailer and rail vehicle construction, shipbuilding, and large containers such as truck, oil, and water tanks. Even high seam volumes and a larger throat thickness a are no problem with the powerful Pro version of the series. The battery-powered version of the Trac WL series is ideal for welding containers.

Typical longitudinal seam application with the Lorch Trac WL.
Typical longitudinal seam application with the Lorch Trac WL.

Lorch welding tractors: The perfect supplement for your welding production.

Overview of the advantages of the Trac WL series.

Render your welding production more efficient by coming the Lorch welding unit and Lorch welding tractor. The welding tractor takes care of continuous torch guidance, allowing the welder to focus on setting the welding parameters to increase both productivity and quality of the weld seam.

The heat application becomes more controllable and causes less distortion. Repetition and reproducibility reduce stress. In the end, the greater distance to the torch improves the welder’s working situation.


Magnet attachment.

4-wheel drive with magnetic attachment and active control permits welding at stable speeds in any welding position.

Consistent seam quality.

Consistent and reproducible speed for a consistent weld seam quality. Concave and convex curved seams for large containers are made possible easily as well.

Lorch Plug & Weld.

Simple and comfortable connection of your Trac with the matching Lorch welding system: connect it and start welding.

Optimal torch setting.

Three-dimensional torch fine adjustment makes the torch quick and easy to optimise for the application at hand.


Flexible uses due to guide rails and flex track.

Guide track.

The guide track for the TRAC WL Flex can be used for orbital and straight applications. The track can be easily mounted on ferromagnetic work surfaces with magnetic blocks, starting at a radius of only 1 m.


Tracks can be used for orbital and straight applications, starting at a radius of only 1.25 m. The track is attached to the outer surfaces of the part by magnetic or vacuum units to permit movement, and as a result welding, in any plane or position.

The welding tractor is easy to operate after only a brief training period. Using the tractor is comfortable after completing many short seams, which we continue to weld manually. It allows me to focus on the brief pre-adjustment. The welding tractor does the main, otherwise exhausting, work for me afterwards.

Always well-advised with close, personal, and honest support.

Are you interested in a Lorch welding unit of the Trac WL series but not quite certain of which model to choose yet? Do you have any other questions? The Lorch partner search will quickly get you into contact with a competent contact near you for personal advice.


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