The MicorStick series.Everywhere. Convincing. Superior.

Can do more. Can take more. MicorStick.

The MicorStick series makes work easier, faster, and better in the workshop or at the construction site. Its weight of only 5 kg allows flexible use anywhere and at any time

At the same time, the patented MicorBoost technology of the MicorStick welding units guarantees the highest performance and quality to significantly improve welding. 

Still possible: the improved electrode inverter.

Quality Made in Germany – for the harsh reality of everyday welding.

Lorch welding units must live up to the highest quality standards. Of course, that also includes the MicorStick series. Cheap copies require poor compromises in performance or parts. High-quality Lorch products are different. They promise “Made in Germany” now and in future. Check out the advantages of the MicorStick in the overview:


A robust featherweight.

On average, welding equipment like this tends to fall off of workbenches or sills four times during its service life! Able to take falls from a height of 80 cm, the MicorStick with its weight of only 4.9 kg can cope with this easily and will continue to give you reliable welding performance. 

Long-distance champions.

Extension cords, low and fluctuating line voltage, generator operation: The MicorStick can weld easily even using extension cables of up to 200 metres and will compensate for dropping voltage. It will not turn off before reaching a negative tolerance of 40%. 

Safe and standard-compliant.

No compromises! The IP 23S, the S mark, and verified CE conformity in accordance with European standards as well as ongoing quality assurance in Germany promise the greatest safety in the workshop and at the customer’s site. 

Long-term welding quality.

The MicorStick puts an end to broken connectors, damaged insulation, kinked welding cables, and charred contacts with thick 25 mm² welding cables and large, industrial-grade, 13 mm Ø welding sockets to make a true difference, offer greater safety, and vastly improve welding quality


Metalworking, steel construction, or the construction industry:

They all value the MicorStick as a reliable companion.

Performance plus thanks to Lorch's MicorBoost technology.

With MicorBoost technology, Lorch welding equipment can be made even lighter and more compact while ensuring increased power output.

Conventional welding inverters have relatively few voltage reserves. Whenever the arc becomes unstable during electrode welding, the conventional inverter has too little power to stabilize and the arc energy briefly collapses. This reduces the average arc power. MicorBoost technology provides huge voltage reserves. The collapse is avoided or decisively shortened and the arc power increases.

This enables a new quality in welding: Extremely stable and controllable - even with a long drawn arc.

True simplicity: the MicorStick operating options.

Lorch’s intuitive “3 steps to weld” operating concept works like this: simply switch on the unit, select the pre-programmed electrode type at hand, and set the welding current. The digital background process optimises parameter settings up to 100,000 times per second. The only thing you will notice will be your perfect welding results



  • “3 steps and weld” operating concept
  • Simple one-button operation
  • Stepless current adjustment
  • Electrode preselection (basic, rutile, and CEL) for optimal welding parameters


  • “3 steps and weld” operating concept
  • Simple one-button operation
  • Stepless current adjustment
  • Electrode preselection (basic, rutile, and CEL) for optimal welding parameters
  • Amperometric digital display
  • Submenu for individual system setting adjustments

3 steps and welding:

Best operation. Best welding result.

Lorch systems are so easy to operate because we integrated many of the things you have had to adjust since as assistance systems during development. A maximum of 3 steps and you weld perfection. The rest runs in the background. A very good system serves you, not you it. Operate - without you having to deal with it.

The new duo MicorStick and MobilePower has fully convinced me by saving plenty of time for us – and after all, time equals money. We’re also no longer taking away the power outlets from others who need them. Lorch has given us a new, smart solution that renders us entirely independent of the available mains connections and offers full flexibility for anyone with high goals for welding.

The MicorStick with its battery combination has already turned out to be a great investment with a good price-performance ratio for us. Its high flexibility, immense time savings, and easy welding in outdoor locations are amazing benefits in our daily work. I can set to work and start welding immediately while remaining perfectly independent on any construction site.

Always well-advised with close, personal, and honest support.

Are you interested in a MicorStick series welding unit from Lorch but not quite certain of which model to choose yet? Do you have any other questions? The Lorch partner search will quickly get you into contact with a competent contact near you for personal advice. 


Do you want to learn more about the Lorch MicorStick series? Technical data as well as details on application and equipment can be found here: