The R-series.The workshop champion.

Absolutely robust and extremely effective: the R-series.

The latest generation for your workshop.

Just the right compact welding systems for harsh use in practice: A robust housing, coupled with smart inverter technology, brings MIG-MAG perfection to industry standards into your workshop. The R-series is the ideal partner for any welding tasks in workshop and light fabrication.

As a special feature, the system remains easy to operate, offering many setting options for clean weld seams without requiring any rework.

Perfectly adjusted welding programmes are available for all common applications in workshop and light fabrication. No matter the material-wire-gas combination chosen, the R-series can weld on the highest level. It supplies the best arc for any material, even if aluminium or stainless steel are welded instead of steel, or if flux-cored wire or brazing tasks are at hand.

Optimum weld seams

thanks to tried and tested inverter technology with optimised setting functions.

Simple operation

on the intuitive control panel with well-structured graphical display.

Robust, stable, and compact housing

Perfect design for use in the workshop.

Reliable, secure, and efficient

Facilitates everyday work of welding specialists, production managers, and companies alike.

The knowledge of the very best welders in a single system.

The R-series combines years of experience in welding technology with the knowledge of experienced welders. It is your best buddy for every welding task in the workshop.

The soft, low-spatter arc makes the weld pool control a walk in the park. The stepless inverter power setting also allows performance adjustment even during welding. This makes sure that truly every single weld seam is just right.


Turn on. Weld.

The automatic synergic adjustment simply and reliably gives you perfect weld seams – without any in-depth set up required. This not only saves time and money, but also ensures a consistently high quality to your welding work.

Robust housing.

The housing is highly robust and can be manoeuvred easily with stable handles. Crash protection on the handles protects the display when space is scarce. The slip-proof rubber mat on the top of the housing serves as a practical stowage surface.

Optimum wire feed.

The robust wire feed system with feed rollers tried and tested in the industry ensure a stable, precise, and reliable wire feed. This is a prerequisite for continuous welding and clean weld seams. Thanks to good duty cycles, even long weld seams can be welded quickly and optimally.

Multi-process: full flexibility.

Weld reliably and flexibly - no matter which welding process. With the R series, you don't have to decide. Whether MIG-MAG, TIG or electrode. The R never lets you down.

Maximal work safety.

R-series products effectively protect your welding professionals while ensuring highest safety at work with their three special features:  
1. Angled torch connection 
2. Double gas cylinder safety device 
3. Rolling lock total stop roller 

100 %

3 steps to weld.

Ingeniously simple. Operation – Made by Lorch.

The well-structured control panel makes welders’ lives easier. The perfect welding result is just a few steps away. Simply pick the process and the operating mode (2-/4 step trigger, spot and stitch welding), set the right welding programme, and start working immediately. The system will do everything else. The graphical display will show all relevant parameters at a glance to visualise the different settings easily and logically. The space within the wire feed housing contains a programme table with associated material-gas-wire combinations in order to facilitate selection of the right welding programme. Anyone who wants more than that can customise various values to their own preferences or the welding situation at hand. It cannot get any simpler.


  • “3 steps and weld” operating concept
  • Visualised sheet thickness and weld seam geometry
  • Arc length correction
  • Modes for MMA and TIG welding

This lets it optimally play its advantages.

A master in your area of use as well.

Always the best advice: close, personal and honest.

You are interested in a Lorch welding system of the R-series, but you are not sure which model is the right one for you or you have other questions? Use the Lorch partner search to easily find a competent contact person near you and get personal advice.


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