The MicorMIG series.Transformers are a thing of the past. The future-proof inverter is the standard now.

Material, process, industry? No matter! The MicorMIG can do it all.

Innovative welding technology that pays off.

The easily adjustable and robust arc of the MicorMIG achieves greatest weld performance. Reliability, robustness, and ease of operation allow integration of the MicorMIG into your production environment cost-efficiently and without accepting any compromises. 

All of these properties used to be attributed to a step-switched MIG-MAG welding unit. It’s time to think differently! The Lorch MicorMIG sets new standards with its simple and effective transfer to a cutting-edge, fully adjustable welding system

Best welding properties when working on steel, aluminium, and stainless steel with thicknesses of up to 15 mm.
Best welding properties when working on steel, aluminium, and stainless steel with thicknesses of up to 15 mm.

Power and flexibility combined in a single welding unit.

Overview of the advantages of the MicorMIG series.

Future-proof welding technology in a perfectly practical housing. Keep your system safe with the impact protection and gas-cylinder safety device. The interior is optimally illuminated as well, to facilitate common tasks such as changing wire coils. The MicorMIG also stands out with its inner values as it is packed with cutting-edge technical features


Perfect welding results.

The innovative and patented Micorboost technology maximises power and the voltage reserve in the arc, optimising welding properties for all sheet metal as well as medium and heavy steel work with mixed gas or under CO₂ alike. Outstanding welding results on steel, stainless steel, and aluminium are the result. 

Learn more about MicorBoost

Compliant and combinable.

Easily weld EN1090 compliantly thanks to the WPS booklet. Save some time- and cost-intensive individual tests of your welding results. The booklet contains independently certified welding instructions for all the relevant standard welding procedures. The MicorMIG series also keeps your parameter sets conveniently available via an NFC job card

Future-proof & flexible.

Erweitern Sie Ihre Anlage jederzeit um genau die Funktiona­litäten, die Sie benötigen: Dank der NFC-Funktiona­lität ist die MicorMIG voll upgrade­fähig. Das bedeutet, Sie können zusätzliche Schweißverfahren, Schweiß­programme sowie arbeits­vereinfach­ende Funktionen mit NFC-Karten jederzeit nachträglich aufspielen – offline und ohne externe Unterstützung. 

Quality assurance with the authorisation concept.

Expand your system at any time with the precise functions you need: The NFC function makes the MicorMIG fully upgradeable, allowing you to subsequently install additional welding processes, welding programmes, and functions to facilitate work with NFC cards at any time, offline and without needing any external support. 

Outstanding price-performance ratio.

The MicorMIG offers an easy switch to a fully adjustable welding system. Profit from the optimal welding properties of the MicorMIG at an excellent price-performance ratio. It simply is the better alternative to the conventional transformer system. 

Energy efficiency by technology.

The MicorMIG combines robust performance with efficient inverter technology and a stand-by function. This reduces costs while achieving perfect welding results.


Fully integrated into your welding production environment.

Increases production process quality at material thicknesses of 15 mm and more.

LMS Performance Torch.

Welding in the top class.

The new LMS Performance torch is the torch for the industry of the future. It features perfect ergonomics, excellent performance, maximum productivity and sustainability due to its repair-friendly product design.

Mastering difficult welding tasks with the MicorMIG: the MIG-MAG speed processes.



This Lorch proprietary welding process stands out with a particularly focused arc and a significantly higher power density than comparable processes. The process ensures a particularly deep penetration into the base material across the entire power range. Available with solid, flux cored and metal cored wires. 


Vertical welding? It used to be difficult. SpeedUp makes it easy now! The reduced energy input when welding with SpeedUp ensures reliable penetration and precisely sized weld beads with optimal throat thickness. Available with solid and metal core wires.

Und so sieht Schweißen mit dem Speedpulse XT mittels einer Hochgeschwindigkeitsaufnahme aus

Pulse per Upgrade.

The easily adjustable and robust Lorch pulse process will let you weld nearly spatter-free in the transition arc in future, saving time-consuming post weld clean up.

Flux-cored-wire welding.

Flux-cored wires are particularly popular in welding applications with thick and heavy parts subject to high dynamic forces. However, they are not fully usable in all applications. The Lorch flux-cored wire packages significantly expand the application fields of flux-cored-wire welding, improving your welding speed on thick, heavy parts. 

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And that was not all! Lorch's innovative MIG-MAG speed processes have a lot to offer and are included with numerous welding machines, for example the P series or the S series.

The MF-10 full protection wire feeder. Stable and robust in rough production environments.

The new Lorch MF-10 full protection wire feeder stands out with the perfect equipment for demanding applications. Low weight, optimal dimensions, and fall protection are only the beginning.

Truly diverse: Choose MicorMIG operation based on your needs.

Choose between three operating concepts, from simple and good, to comfortable operation with graphic display and job memory. All versions stand out with their intuitive handling and offer dynamic control in multiple levels for adjusting the preferred arc characteristic, as well as end crater filling to guarantee the weld seam quality. 



  • “3 steps and weld” operating concept
  • Stepless current adjustment
  • Digital Volt-Amperage-display
  • 7-step dynamic arc control
  • Automatic settings (synergy function)
  • Simple process and welding programme selection


  • “3 steps and weld” operating concept
  • Stepless current adjustment
  • Digital Volt-Amperage-display
  • 21-step dynamic arc control 
  • Automatic settings (synergy function)
  • Simple process and welding programme selection
  • OLED graphic display - for displaying the 3rd main parameter
  • Tiptronic job memory for 100 welding tasks

3 steps and welding:

Best operation. Best welding result.

Lorch systems are so easy to operate because we integrated many of the things you have had to adjust since as assistance systems during development. A maximum of 3 steps and you weld perfection. The rest runs in the background. A very good system serves you, not you it. Operate - without you having to deal with it.

The MF-08 full-protection wire feeder. Efficient and flexible.

The Lorch MF-08 full-protection wire feeder stands out with its compact dimensions, low weight, and handy interior lighting.

Lorch’s MicorMIG 400 has convinced everyone from the technical manager to the welders.

Carsten Faber

Process engineer at Faymonville Group

The control panel of the MicorMIG is perfectly clear and self-explanatory. You never need to look at the manual at all. It’s all plug and go. This is a great advantage of the machines in practical use.

Werner Huprich

Managing director at Michelfelder Edelstahltechnik GmbH

Always well-advised with close, personal, and honest support.

Are you interested in a Lorch welding unit of the MicorMIG series but not quite certain of which model to choose yet? Do you have any other questions? The Lorch partner search will quickly get you into contact with a competent contact near you for personal advice. 


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