S-SeriesConfigurable high-end pulse performance: Control, quality, and perfection.

S stands for super MIG-MAG-welding.

Super-efficient. Super-variable. Super-smart.

The perfect arc for every welding application? It’s possible with the innovative Lorch S-series Speed processes. They speed up welding task completion, improve quality and, first and foremost, low-spatter. The pre-installed synergic lines also facilitate welding work. 

Configure the S series precisely to your needs to ensure that your system fits perfectly into the production environment and welding task. On top of this, all S-series welding units are complemented by their intuitive operating concept that provides easy access to all setting options. 

The Lorch S series is also fully Industry 4.0-capable: It allows the collection, monitoring, and comparison of all relevant welding data when combined with the simple and cost-effective Lorch Connect cloud solution. This maximises transparency, optimising manufacturing costs and increasing productivity. 

Does it sound good? Ask a Lorch partner in your region for competent advice on the S-Series. 

MIG-MAG-welding on the highest level.

The welding units of the S-series leave nothing to be desired.

The S-series will meet your highest demands for quality and productivity. It scores not only with outstanding arc characteristics and intuitive operation, but also with an entire range of other ultra-modern features. 


Best welding properties.

Cutting-edge processor technology ensures optimum interaction of all parameters and components involved in the welding process. Peak duty cycles and maximum productivity are achieved in the scope of this. 

Extra performance by MIG-MAG Speed processes.

All Lorch Speed processes are available for the S-Series to achieve the most diverse areas of application: The included SpeedPulse XT, TwinPuls XT, SpeedArc XT processes, and the optional SpeedUp, SpeedCold, and SpeedRoot upgrades make welding faster, improve quality, and reduce spatter in any welding job. 

Learn more about the Lorch Speed processes

Sophisticated industrial housing.

Robust metal housing, low gas cylinder holder, crane rings, torch holder: S-series welding equipment is designed and built for years of support for your welding challenges. 


The S-series can be upgraded, which means that the process equipment of a welding system can be customised to match new requirements at any time. This keeps the user flexible and future-proof. 

EN1090-compliant package

Save some time- and cost-intensive individual tests of your welding results! The enclosed Lorch WPS booklet contains independently certified welding instructions of all relevant standard welding procedures for easy EN1090-compliant welding

Energy efficiency at full power.

The Lorch S-series combines top performance with efficient inverter technology and a stand-by function. This reduces costs while achieving perfect welding results. 


The S series in action.

Top welding performance for diverse applications.

The S-series: Bespoke premium welding units.

The S-series welding units can be configured in many aspects to perfectly fit your needs: the S-series always puts you in the best position everywhere.

Feed versions: From workshop to shipyard.

The wire feeders of the S-series offer different feed variants that are optimised for different tasks. Choose between workshop, assembly, or shipyard cases. 

Sophisticated and configurable housing versions.

Choose the wire feed that you need: Do you prefer an integrated wire feed in a compact housing, a separate wire feeder case, or both? Neither is a problem with the configurator. 

New options in flux-cored-wire welding.

The Lorch flux cored wire packages significantly enlarge the application fields of flux cored welding for faster welding on thick, heavy parts. 

Secure and transfer your welding tasks.

The S-series comes with software to easily save and edit up to 100 welding tasks right on your welding unit. Saved parameters can be transferred to other power sources with a single button. PIN-secured authorisation levels can be set up as well. 

LMS Performance Torch.

Welding in the top class.

The new LMS Performance torch is the torch for the industry of the future. It features perfect ergonomics, excellent performance, maximum productivity and sustainability due to its repair-friendly product design.

Intuitive S-series welding unit operation simply offers everything at its best.

A premium product like the S-series naturally also offers best operation, comprising truly every single function that is needed for the welding task. The display-controlled user guidance facilitates operation and enables simple process and characteristic curve selection. The control panel is unobstructed, and the user interface clearly structured to start welding right away. 

Make not compromises when operating the S-series. 



  • “3 steps and weld” operating concept
  • Stepless current adjustment
  • Digital Volt-Amperage-display
  • Simple process and welding programme selection
  • Dynamic control (for Synergic, SpeedArcXT, SpeedPulse XT)
  • Tiptronic job memory for 100 welding tasks

3 steps and welding:

Best operation. Best welding result.

Lorch systems are so easy to operate because we integrated many of the things you have had to adjust since as assistance systems during development. A maximum of 3 steps and you weld perfection. The rest runs in the background. A very good system serves you, not you it. Operate - without you having to deal with it.

The MF-10 full protection wire feeder. Stable and robust in rough production environments.

The new Lorch MF-10 full protection wire feeder stands out with the perfect equipment for demanding applications. Low weight, optimal dimensions, and fall protection are only the beginning.

The decisive factor for our welding processes is that we produce a weld seam of excellent quality and appearance and that we have to rework as little as possible. We have created the new S-series and Speed Pulse XT for this. The current S-series truly opens up new dimensions in MIG-MAG-welding due to its individual adjustment possibilities.

Christian Finkbeiner

Welding specialist at Müller-Mitteltal

The four Lorch S-SpeedPulse systems with SpeedRoot option were ready for use on the company premises within a week, complete with the cases. SpeedRoot makes our welders can now up to three times faster than TIG welding, depending on application. Apart from the weld seam quality, these time savings were a major argument for our purchase decision. Our error rate has dropped almost to zero since we started welding with SpeedPulse and SpeedRoot.

Gunther Heupel

Managing director and production manager GOH

The Powermaster control right at the torch saves plenty of going back and forth during the day for our welders. Noise pollution is also cut in half as compared to conventional devices due to the more stable and focused arc. We have set ambitious goals for ourselves and are quite certain that Lorch’s welding solutions will make a valuable contribution to achieving them.

Ciro Corregi

Managing director and co-owner of Dieci

Always the best advice: close, personal and honest.

You are interested in a Lorch S-series welder, but you are not sure which model is the right one for you or you have other questions? Use the Lorch partner search to easily find a competent contact person near you and get personal advice.