THE M-Pro-SerieSSmart MIG-MAG-welding. Customised.

M for masterful. Pro for professional. This is the M-Pro.

The Lorch M-Pro series brings industry-standard MIG-MAG perfection to your workshop – affordable, robust, and yet brimming with digital intelligence: The unique combination of smart software and a workshop-capable transformer system allows even the smallest of companies to optimise their welding production economically and with a noticeable efficiency increase at consistently high quality

How? The synergy setting automatic of the M-Pro helps optimise welding parameter settings easily, quickly, and without teaching. The specialist only needs to choose the material. The system will set any other control variables for the perfect weld seam on its own. 

No more scrambling with increments to approximate the right welding setting for welding specialists. The material thickness displayed shows that all settings are correct. This saves time and money and effectively prevents production errors! 

Profit from the knowledge of the best welders in the world, concentrated in the microprocessors of the Lorch M-Pro series, and produce perfect weld seams in steel, stainless steel, or aluminium. 

The M-Pro series from Lorch: Fast and efficient MIG-MAG welding in the workshop environment – whether steel, stainless steel or aluminium.
The M-Pro series from Lorch: Fast and efficient MIG-MAG welding in the workshop environment – whether steel, stainless steel or aluminium.

100% MIG-MAG efficiency. 0% bells and whistles.

Overview of the advantages of the M-Pro series.

Smart technology at workshop prices sounds too good to be true? The M-Pro series keeps its promises while offering all you need to render your welding production more efficient and to facilitate the daily work of welding specialists, production managers, and entrepreneurs alike. 


Efficiency increase

The automatic synergy setting produces perfect weld seams quickly, easily, and reliably, without any teach-in or transmission errors. This saves time and money while also ensuring consistently high quality of the welding work. 

Maximal work safety.

M-Pro series products effectively protect your welding professionals while ensuring highest safety at work with their three special features:  
1. Angled torch connection 
2. Double gas cylinder safety device 
3. Rolling lock total stop roller 

Robust housing.

The M-Pro housing is extremely robust and mobile thanks to its sturdy handles. This makes it ideal for use in a workshop. The top of the case also makes for a perfect storage surface. 

Interior lighting.

Interior lighting improves visibility for wire threading in the easily accessible wire feed compartment of the M-Pro series. This allows the welder to work well at all times, no matter how bright or dark their environment is. 


Welding and soldering.

The M-Pro CuSi can do both.

It may be hard to imagine, but: Regular MIG-MAG welding systems will reach their limits now and then when welding. The solution? MIG brazing, or more specifically: systems that can weld CuSi wire, which should probably be called brazing, can be used. 

The M-Pro CuSi is also capable of MIG brazing with CuSi (copper-silicon) and CuAl (copper-aluminium) wires in addition to welding steel, aluminium, and stainless steel. It specialises in joining thin galvanised and high-alloy sheet metal in a wide range of thicknesses. 

A low melting temperature can be used due to the finely tuned voltage levels and the low energy input of the system. This allows processing of thin sheets from 0.5 mm onwards. This process is used in the automotive sector, in air conditioning and ventilation technology, in apparatus engineering and in sheet metal processing. 

Perfect for the workshop and a variety of applications.

M-Pro will not let you down.

Truly M-Pro: Smart operating concepts for simple handling.

The Lorch M-Pro series also brings smart operation of industrial equipment to your workshop at an excellent price-performance ratio! 

Compare and choose from three smart operating concepts based on your needs and daily welding challenges. Is a volt and ampere display important to you? – Choose ControlPro. Do you have frequently changing welding tasks? – Go for the performance concept and profit from its integrated job memory. 



  • “3 steps and weld” operating concept
  • Current settings in 6-12 steps
  • Automatic settings (synergy function)


  • “3 steps and weld” operating concept
  • Current settings in 7-12 steps
  • Automatic settings (synergy function)
  • Digital Volt-Amperage-display


  • “3 steps and weld” operating concept
  • Current setting in 21 precisely adjustable steps
  • Automatic settings (synergy function)
  • OLED graphic display
  • Tiptronic-job memory for 10 welding tasks

3 steps and welding:

Best operation. Best welding result.

Lorch systems are so easy to operate because we integrated many of the things you have had to adjust since as assistance systems during development. A maximum of 3 steps and you weld perfection. The rest runs in the background. A very good system serves you, not you it. Operate - without you having to deal with it.

Always well-advised with close, personal, and honest support.

Are you interested in a M-Pro series welding system from Lorch but not quite certain of which model to choose yet? Do you have any other questions? The Lorch partner search will quickly get you into contact with a competent contact near you for personal advice. 


Do you want to learn more about the Lorch M-Pro series? Technical data as well as details on application and equipment can be found here: