M-Pro 170
Smart MIG-MAG-welding. Customised.
  • Operation concepts: BasicPlus
  • 25 - 170 A
  • ED 60% at 40°C: 85 A
  • Material thicknesses: Steel, stainless steel, and aluminium up to 6 mm
M-PRO 170

Efficiency increase.

The automatic synergy setting produces perfect weld seams quickly, easily, and reliably, without any teach-in or transmission errors. This saves time and money while also ensuring consistently high quality of the welding work.

Maximal work safety.

M-Pro 170 products effectively protect your welding professionals while ensuring highest safety at work with their three special features:
1. Angled torch connection
2. Double gas cylinder safety device
3. Rolling lock total stop roller

Robust housing.

The M-Pro housing is extremely robust and mobile thanks to its sturdy handles. This makes it ideal for use in a workshop. The top of the case also makes for a perfect storage surface.

Interior lighting.

Interior lighting improves visibility for wire threading in the easily accessible wire feed compartment of the M-Pro 170. This allows the welder to work well at all times, no matter how bright or dark their environment is.

Technical data

MIG-MAG welding
Welding range 1~ 230 V: [A] 25 - 170
Welding range 2~ 400 V: [A] 25 - 170
Voltage range: [V] 15.3 - 22.5
Weldable Wires Steel: [Ø in mm] 0.6 - 0.8
Weldable wires Stainless steel: [Ø in mm] 0.8 - 0.8
Weldable wires aluminum: [Ø in mm] 1 - 1
Voltage setting
Voltage setting: 6 Stufen
MIG-MAG duty cycle
Duty cycle 100% (40°c): [A] 70
Duty cycle 60% (40°c): [A] 85
Duty cycle at max. current (40°c): [%] 15
Process-independent data
Open circuit voltage: [V] 14 - 40
Mains 230 V 400 V
Mains voltage 1~ (50/60 Hz): [V] 230
Mains fuse 1~ (50/60 Hz): [A] 16
Positive mains tolerance 1~ (50/60 Hz): [%] 15
Negative mains tolerance 1~ (50/60 Hz): [%] 15
Mains voltage 2~ (50/60 Hz): [V] 400
Mains fuse 2~ (50/60 Hz): [A] 16
Positive mains tolerance 2~ (50/60 Hz): [%] 15
Negative mains tolerance 2~ (50/60 Hz): [%] 15
Mains plug
Mains plug: Schuko / CEE 16
Standards and approvals
Protection class: IP23S
Insulation class: F
Norm/Standard: EN 60974-01
Designation/Certification: CE, S
Cooling type
Cooling type: Gas-cooled
Dimensions length x width x height
Dimensions (LxWxH) [mm] 880 × 400 × 755
Weight: [kg] 65


  • “3 steps and weld” operating concept
  • Current settings in 6-12 steps
  • Automatic settings (synergy function)
Die M-Pro-Serie von Lorch: Schnell und effizient MIG-MAG-Schweißen im Werkstatt-Umfeld – egal ob Stahl, Edelstahl oder Aluminium.
Die M-Pro-Serie von Lorch: Schnell und effizient MIG-MAG-Schweißen im Werkstatt-Umfeld – egal ob Stahl, Edelstahl oder Aluminium.


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