The S series with SpeedPulse XT

Even more successful with MIG-MAG: "S" pays off for you

The Lorch S series makes the process of joining steel, stainless stell and aluminium better than ever before. This is assuresd by the SpeedPulse XT and many other high-performance upgrades that make the "S" a premium series for MIG-MAG pulse welding.

Benefit from the Lorch S series and see for yourself how intuitive and efficient MIG-MAG pulse welding can be.

"S" stays in control...

...and makes it possible to perfectly weld over tack welds - with an audible difference.

"S" provides the eternal bond...

...with predefined arc length adjustment for starting, welding and end phases of make fusion defects a thing of the past.

"S" stays cool

...thanks to the expanded cooling system variants with up to 35% more cooling output.

"S" is the maximum...

...with the patented SpeedPulse XT process for extra low-splatter welding.

"S" has it figured out...

...with variable arc length control to optimise the welding process.

"S" takes it personally...

...and has easily adjustable dynamic control for fine refinement of the arc.

SpeedPulse XT and the S-series - a formidable team:

Our SpeedPulse XT comes standard with every Lorch S SpeedPulse XT and is available as an upgrade option for the Lorch S Pulse XT. Would you like more details about the benefits our SpeedPulse XT has to offer?

The Highlights at a glance:

Variable arc length control

It all comes down to the right length

Variable arc length control is what it is all about. And, believe us, it is much simpler to use than to spell its name. This innovation included in the S-series affords the welder intuitive ease of use that is combined with a clearly improved control over the pulse arc and allows him to react much more easily to arising conditions by adjusting the distance of the torch while welding. Whether you are dealing with varying gap dimensions or unevenness in the workpiece – from now on, even cumbersome welding positions, e.g. in corners, will be much easier to master. Another welcome side effect is that the welder can also actively counteract arc blow by shortening the arc.

The welder can react much more easily to arising conditions by adjusting the distance of the torch.

Innovative dynamic control

You now even have a way to ensure that you will feel great while welding

Lorch’s S-series comes with innovative dynamic control, which makes it possible for the welder to fine-tune the arc characteristics for all new welding programs until they perfectly match the workpiece and the welding task at hand. For an even better seam and an extremely good feel whilst welding.

A turn of the control knob is all it takes to set the arc to soft or hard or anywhere in between. SpeedPulse XT also boasts a large number of additional parameters that have a beneficial effect on the weld penetration geometry and, thus, positively influence the weld penetration reliability, particularly during stainless steel welding. These capabilities swiftly turn the welder and his machine into a dynamic duo.

The dynamic control allows the welder to set the arc to a wider or narrower arc - just as he pleases and requires.

Weld over tack welds with perfect ease

Keep your rhythm and never skip a beat.

Unfortunately, tack welds and similarly unfavourable conditions on the workpiece are part and parcel of every welder. At least, welders who are fortunate enough to work with Lorch’s S-series will not have to deal with such nuisances. Where other pulse arcs experience the occasional stutter, our S-series with SpeedPulse XT will never skip a beat and complete any task without a hitch.

This is a difference you can actually hear. Aside from ensuring that spatter is kept at a minimum, the patented control technology can also completely eliminate the otherwise typical and sometimes abrupt and annoying changes in frequency. The result is a pleasant sound with a constant frequency combined with a first-class seam and a flawless welding result that stands up to any inspection.

Would you like to hear the difference?

This is what a conventional pulse arc sounds like when the machine welds over tack welds:

And, this is what our unfazed SpeedPulse XT sounds like:

Separate arc setting

Separate arc control: Three phases for one hallelujah

Good from beginning to end: With the S-series, Lorch offers the possibility of individually adjusting the arc specifically for the starting, welding and end phases, thereby giving the welder a means to systematically influence the energy input. It is a simple and smart solution to help the welder to reduce or even eliminate initial fusion defects in the weld seam. The welder can, furthermore, use this solution to end with a clean finish by filling the end crater in an aesthetically pleasing way. No more trade-offs when setting up the machine – this is how we define welding with comfort.

Extra low-spatter

Less would equal nothing: Extra low-spatter welding

Efficiency in an industrial welding context mainly translates to the ability of reducing to the minimum the need for expensive rework after the actual welding work is finished. This is why Lorch has been focusing on even more ways to reduce the tendency to produce spatter in all machines of the S-series. And, our engineers have come through for us yet again by implementing a host if improvements such as even faster, yet moderate, correction interventions of the control during pulse welding with SpeedPulse XT. Or, enhanced arc control in slope phases. Or, the ability to adjust arc length and arc dynamic at the same time. Or, additional ignition parameters… or …

And, their success has proven them right: Lorch customers capable of exploiting the full potential of our S-series managed to reduce the amount of spatter to “practically” zero. This outcome pleases the welder just as much as the person responsible for production.

Additional cooling options

Leaving nobody cold: the extra cooling options of the S-series

Along with the standard cooling with 1.1 kW, there are two additional cooling options available within the S-series for wire feeder systems. One obvious advantage: up to 35% more cooling output – making it optimal for highly intensive industrial applications. More cooling also means less stress on the torch system, which can have a positive effect on the service life of torches and wear parts.

There is an additional version available with a larger pump for welders who have to work with long interpass hoses of 20 metres or more. This model ensures that the full power is delivered exactly where the welder requires it.

Lorch S-Serie Synergic Bedienfeld

De standaard MIG-MAG lasprogramma’s

Last, but not least, Lorch also gave the standard MIG-MAG welding programs included with the new S-series a complete overhaul, taking them to an entirely new level. This means for you: exceptional welding results that are fully customisable to your preferences thanks to the new dynamic control. We consider the programs so ground-breaking that we gave them a new name in the optimised control panel: “Synergic”.


The arc makes the difference - Extra robust. Extra variable. Extra low-splatter

See the capabilities of the new S series for yourself via a live welding demonstration. You will be convinced of the outstanding results and won't want to go back to your old equipment.


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