S3 mobil SpeedPulse XT
Configurable high-end pulse performance: Control, quality, and perfection.
  • Operation concepts: XT
  • 25 - 320 A
  • ED 60% at 40°C: 280 A
  • Weldable wires Pulse: 0.6 – 1.2 mm Ø

Best welding properties.

Cutting-edge processor technology ensures optimum interaction of all parameters and components involved in the welding process. Peak duty cycles and maximum productivity are achieved in the scope of this.

Extra performance by MIG-MAG Speed processes.

All Lorch Speed processes are available for the S3 mobile to achieve the most diverse areas of application: The included SpeedPulse XT, TwinPuls XT, SpeedArc XT processes, and the optional SpeedUp, SpeedCold, and SpeedRoot upgrades make welding faster, improve quality, and reduce spatter in any welding job.

Sophisticated industrial housing.

Robust metal housing, low gas cylinder holder, crane rings, torch holder: S3 mobile welding equipment is designed and built for years of support for your welding challenges.


The S3 mobile can be upgraded, which means that the process equipment of a welding system can be customised to match new requirements at any time. This keeps the user flexible and future-proof.

EN1090-compliant package.

Save some time- and cost-intensive individual tests of your welding results! The enclosed Lorch WPS booklet contains independently certified welding instructions of all relevant standard welding procedures for easy EN1090-compliant welding.

Energy efficiency at full power.

The Lorch S3 mobile combines top performance with efficient inverter technology and a stand-by function. This reduces costs while achieving perfect welding results.

Country-specific product variants.

Country-specific product variants are available for this Lorch welding unit. These may differ in the mains supply, the mains plug or other product features required for the country. You want to know more? Contact your local Lorch partner.

Technical data

MIG-MAG welding
Welding range 3~ 400 V: [A] 25 - 320
Weldable Wires Steel: [Ø in mm] 0.6 - 1.2
Weldable wires aluminum: [Ø in mm] 1 - 1.2
Weldable wires CuSi: [Ø in mm] 0.8 - 1.2
Voltage setting
Voltage setting: Continuo
MIG-MAG duty cycle
Duty cycle 100% (40°c): [A] 250
Duty cycle 60% (40°c): [A] 280
Duty cycle at max. current (40°c): [%] 40
Electrode welding
Weldable electrodes: [Ø in mm] 1 - 6
Process-independent data
Open circuit voltage: [V] 78 - 109
Feed speed standard: [m/min] 0.1 - 25
Mains 400 V
Mains voltage 3~ (50/60 Hz): [V] 400
Mains fuse 3~ (50/60 Hz): [A] 16
Positive mains tolerance 3~ (50/60 Hz): [%] 15
Negative mains tolerance 3~ (50/60 Hz): [%] 15
Mains plug
Mains plug: CEE 16
Standards and approvals
Protection class: IP23S
Insulation class: F
Norm/Standard: EN 60974-01
Designation/Certification: CE, S
Cooling type
Cooling type: Gas-cooled
Dimensions length x width x height
Dimensions (LxWxH) [mm] 812 × 340 × 518
Weight: [kg] 34


  • “3 steps and weld” operating concept
  • Stepless current adjustment
  • Digital Volt-Amperage-display
  • Simple process and welding programme selection
  • Dynamic control (for Synergic, SpeedArcXT, SpeedPulse XT)
  • Tiptronic job memory for 100 welding tasks

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