Case: Rösler Oberflächentechnik GmbH Optimised welding performance and better cost calculation.

Smart networking technology has clear advantages für Rösler. 

As a surface processing specialist, Rösler is one of the global market leaders in the manufacture of vibratory finishing and shot blasting equipment. Welding is a key manufacturing technology. Some very different types of steel are used for this, including ordinary structural steel as well as alloyed high-performance steel with manganese content.

In the course of renewing the entire welding equipment, covering six systems of the innovative S series and an automated welding Cobot currently in use, Rösler has decided to network all systems via Lorch Connect. Thanks to the digital connection, the company now not only has a clear view of its production processes at all times and can react more quickly in the event of deviations. Follow-up orders can be calculated much better and the welding data documentation provides optimum security for maintaining high quality standards.

Our customer at a glance.

Company site: 

Untermerzbach, DE

Company size:

1700 employees

Specialises in:

surface processing

High transparency in welding production with minimal installation effort.

Simple cost controlling and secure welding data documentation are warranted.

“LorchNet”, a uniform digital interface the Lorch systems areequipped with, allow easy connection of the Lorch Connect Gateway to the respective system via a cable. All welding datas are then transmitted to the Lorch Connect portal via the gateway during the welding process. There, they can be accessed easily by web browser at any time and from anywhere. Only individually maintained master data, such as prices for gases and welding rods, energy costs, and labour costs, need to be entered into the system. Orders can then be recalculated easily and pending offers can be created in detail to quickly determine the actual costs of a part or to get an idea of the profitability of an entire order.

Lorch Connect also offers optimal security for the high quality standards at Rösler. Every individual weld seam can be recorded with its production-relevant data and subsequently retrieved and inspected with the associated welding parameters.

“Lorch Connect offers us some ideal options. In addition to giving us a high degree of transparency in terms of production processes, it specifically allows us to compare all orders with each other and evaluate them. This makes it much easier for us to create a valid calculation for further offers.”

Stephan Böhnlein

production department head

Simple and quick commis­sioning, made possible by the Lorch Connect Gateway App. 

The Lorch Connect Gateway App renders commissioning of the Lorch Connect Gateway very easy and quick. The app assigns the gateway to a Lorch Connect account and guides the user through the setup process intuitively.

The app can also be used to configure network settings and to capture additional information about the weld seam, such as the WPS, serial, part, and job numbers.

Process information such as wire diameter, material, and gas type can be added to the weld seams as well. These data serve as the basis for analyses and cost calculations that are later performed for your customers’ specific tasks.


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