Case: Faymonville Group Efficient welding in all aspects with the MicorMIG and the Trac.

Lowering welding times at improved productivity.

Faymonville Group is the world’s leading supplier of heavy and special transporters. The company chose the Lorch MicorMIG 400 for its assembly lines based on comprehensive market research.

The MIG-MAG welding inverters prevailed in the selection procedure due to their energy-efficient and easy operation. The decisive feature, however, was their high penetration and the reduced number of layers and welding time made possible by the SpeedArc welding process. The company achieved an automation effect at the same time by introducing these machines: The MicorMIG can be used flexibly as a welding current source for Lorch’s Trac WL Pro welding tractor solution.

Overview of Faymonville Group.

Company site:

Lentzweiler, Luxemburg 

Company size:

1,100 employees

Specialises in:

Vehicle construction

The MicorMIG plays all its strengths at Faymonville, with deep penetration, a lower number of layers, and a shorter welding time.

Consistent weld seam quality and high time savings.

Automated welding with the Trac WL Pro.

Faymonville uses the Lorch Trac WL Pro rail-guided welding tractor in order to tap automation potential in the welding process. The automated welding solution, connected to the MicorMIG 400 welding current source via Lorch Plug&Weld, is a practical tool for segment welding as well as for weld seams with high volumes and larger throat thicknesses a. Qualities such as optimised weld seam tracking and programmable welding sequences come into play here.

The constant and reproducible welding speed of the tractor weighing only 8 kilograms ensures a consistent weld seam quality. On top of this, the increased travel speed between the weld segments saves plenty of time.

The welding tractor is quick to install with a simple device and produces rework-free uniform weld seams.

"Lorch’s MicorMIG 400 has convinced everyone from the technical manager to the welders."

Carsten Faber

process engineer at Faymonville Group

The MicorMIG series convinces in all aspects.

More than 160 MicorMIG 400 are working in the five plants of Faymonville Group. The MIG-MAG welding inverter scores with the SpeedArc process for a focused arc, high welding speed, and simple, multilingual operator guidance.

Trac WL-series: Welding tractors for partial automation.

High-quality and reproducible welding of longitudinal and curved seams on magnetic substrates with welding tractors from Lorch. Mobile. Compact. Flexible.

Typical applications include long supporting structures such as in trailer and rail vehicle construction, shipbuilding, and large containers such as truck, oil, and water tanks. Even high seam volumes and a larger throat thickness a are no problem with the powerful Pro version of the series. The battery-powered version of the Trac WL series is ideal for welding containers.

The MicorMIG series replaces the transformer with a future-proof inverter.

These modern and cost-efficient welding unit will keep you flexible: upgrade-capable and compatible with the innovative MIG-MAG Speed processes. the Lorch MicorMIG is setting standards and making switching to a modern, steplessly adjustable welding system simple and effective.


Do you want to learn more about the Lorch Trac WL and MicorMIG series? Technical data as well as further details on application and equipment can be found in the data sheet, and additional information is provided in the brochures: