Lorch SpeedRoot

Noticeably better for MIG-MAG root welding quality.

High gap bridging

Previously, the main requirement for joining both edges of the material perfectly and with as little defects as possible was to apply this simple formula: Root welding = TIG.

Whilst enabling clean results, the application of this process was also exceedingly slow. SpeedRoot delivers dramatic speed benefits as well weld seams whose quality is on par with TIG welds. This superior performance is made possible by the high-end control technology that is built into every machine of the P and S series! This technology controls the level of current and voltage with utmost precision, thereby guaranteeing high speed process reliability and flawless weld appearance. Anyone who has ever bridged a 4 mm gap on 3 mm sheets without weaving using the S series and SpeedRoot will never want to go back to the solution they used before. Especially when they discover that the perfect weld seam they are looking at took them much less time than it would have if they had resorted to TIG welding. 

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FactSheet SpeedRoot

Pivotal to root welding is what is otherwise not seen: The weld rear side as a mirror image.

The perfect wave.

The process timing of the Lorch SpeedRoot is the decisive factor. The highlight: SpeedRoot, depending on the welding position, also uses the wave movements of the weld pool to support the droplet transfer and to significantly reduce the energy input. The effect produced in doing so is in principle comparable with the effect which occurs during active forward and reverse of the wire for reversing feeder systems. As SpeedRoot functions are purely controlled by the processor and does not need any expensive additional hardware or complex and heavy torch solutions, significant application and cost benefits emerge.


Ingeniously simple.

Easy operation and perfect handling are the key to maximum productivity. Whoever has bridged a 4 mm gap on 3 mm sheets using SpeedRoot without weaving and has produced an optimum weld appearance in doing so will no longer want to weld differently. If you think that does not work, simply try it out. At best, also straightaway with an 8 mm gap because the optimum weld pool control provided by the SpeedRoot also lets you perform the weaving movements easily and effortlessly. And, in addition to the simplicity of the welding process, the fact you can do this approximately three times faster than TIG welding provides a quantum leap. Root welding has never been so productive.

The SpeedRoot process is available as an optional feature for the S-Pulse XT, the S-SpeedPulse XT and the P-series. 

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