Stop contemplating and start automating

If you have been thinking about automation, but have not been able to overcome your fear of having to invest millions in robots and other expenditures, we can put your mind at ease.  The automation solutions offered by Lorch will not cost you the world, but will streamline your operation tremendously. 

Why automate?

Increased productivity by the use of automation

What is the minimum quantity to make automate welding worth it? The general rule: the higher the quantities, the better the return on invest! Next to the net unit costs there are far more aspects that contribute to higher productivity of welding production.  Our experts will gladly advice you under which circumstances an automation pays off for you.

Extended feasibility and quality

  • Continuous welding seams
  • Reduced heat input
  • High visual requirements

Increased reproducibility

  • Continuously high quality
  • Optimum results regardless of skill level
  • Less wastage and rework

Overcome skills shortage

  • Operator instead of welder
  • Less welder skill required
  • Less lost time due to absence

Realise potential savings

  • Reduction of labour costs
  • Prevention of oversized welding seams
  • Shorter lead times
  • Less time required to achieve optimum results

Improved workplace ergonomics

  • Less welding in forced positions
  • Reduction of physical stress
  • Less absenteeism

    Why automate with Lorch?

    All from one source

    High quality welding automation requires complete control over high quality power sources, welding torches and further components and systems such as precision torch and workpiece manipulation. Alongside the aspiration to increase productivity, the central point of welding automation is and will always remain the guarantee of the required level of weld quality. To reach both targets without detours, competences in automation and welding are both necessary. Based on the motto All from one source provides Lorch a direct and safe way into the welding automation.  

    Arc welding and automation competences

    • The result „welding seam“ needs both
    • Lorch can do both

    Coordinated solutions portfolio with added value

    • Plug-and-weld interfaces
    • Increased level of integration for more user benefits

    Familiar contact person

    • Familiar persons and business relationship
    • Less contact persons
    • Competence bundling
    • Available aftercare

    Quality and documentation

    • Verified product quality
    • Serious CE validation
    • Self-descriptive product catalogues
    • Comprehensive technical documentation in each local language

    Fixed delivery and commissioning

    • Planned delivery
    • Factory acceptance test at Lorch
    • Joint commissioning and training

    Lorch Automation Solutions

    Lorch Trac welding carriages

    Higher productivity, better quality and lower costs

    Boost the performance of your welding production by combining your Lorch power sources with Lorch’s new welding carriages. The welding carriage takes charge of guiding the torch continuously, allowing the welder to solely focus on setting the welding parameters. This gives a welcome boost to productivity and the quality of the weld seam. The heat input becomes much easier to control and will cause significantly less distortion. The high level of repeatability and reproducibility also decrease stress levels to unprecedented lows. And, a greater distance to the torch improves the work situation for the welder tremendously.

    The right solution for every application
    Welding carriages are an exceptionally useful tool that helps the welder produce perfect longitudinal and curved seams. Typical applications for this technology are long support structures commonly found in the trailer and rail vehicle construction industry, shipbuilding or during the construction of containers, e.g. of lorry, oil and water tanks. While the basic requirement for precise torch guidance is the same for all areas, each individual application has additional requirements that are highly specific. Lorch’s line of welding carriages comes with an extensive range of accessories that leave nothing to be desired. Your Lorch consultant will be happy to find the solution that is right for you.

    For more information, refer to our:

    Welding carriages brochure

    Brochure "Lorch TRAC RL Performance"

    Modular system circular weld seam

    Model kit beats grab bag

    Lorch’s modular system kit makes sure that you will only pay for what you really need when it comes to automating your welding task.

    One must set the tone. The LorchControl control unit acts as the conductor of an automation orchestra that plays in perfect harmony. All modules of the system kit work together seamlessly and receive their commands from the control unit via the LorchNet bus system.

    Real short changeover times

    Automating small batch sizes economically for often changing tasks; that is the challenge and the changeover time is the critical factor. No time must be wasted. The system perfectly supports each step. All settings can be made quickly and precisely. The Tiptronic job memory in the power source and LorchControl is extremely helpful. The welder has prepared the system for the present welding tasks in the shortest time.

    Time-consuming pre-tests are no longer necessary. The preparation of the system is a matter of minutes and the handling afterwards is child’s play for every operator: Insert workpiece, press button, and the welding process starts.


    More Information you'll find here:

    Brochure "Automation"




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