Case: Riebesam GmbH & Co. KG Perfect duo for welding applications in the stainless-steel sector at Riebesam.

Enormous advantages of the T-Pro series in combination with the  Powermaster TIG torch.

Riebesam develops and manufactures very complex cleaning systems that are used in industry, medicine, and research, among other things. The systems from Murrhardt in the Swabian Forest are in demand worldwide due to their long experience and excellent quality. The challenge is that up to 400 weld seams per cleaning plant must be made before all pipes, drum tanks, pumps, and separators are connected to each other with a perfect fit. The stainless-steel structure as well as aggressive cleaning fluids place very special demands on the quality of the weld seams. The system design makes it even more difficult for the welder to achieve maximum performance in a very confined space. Thanks to the T-Pro series in combination with the powerful TIG Powermaster torch, Riebesam has acquired a truly highperformance team for its production that sets standards in terms of handling, quality, and productivity. In addition, work has not only become much more relaxed, but also a great deal more economical.

Overview of Riebesam GmbH & Co. KG.

Company site: 

Murrhardt, DE

Company size:

70 employees

Specialises in:

Cleaning systems

Ergonomically perfect:

Simply push the mode button for seven seconds. The display will be perfectly adjusted for left-handed use.

The Lorch TIG Powermaster torch:

Best support for the welder and plenty of high-tech in the smallest of spaces.

The Powermaster torch is light-weight, compact, and robust. It permits welding of the highest quality even in previously almost inaccessible places. A sophisticated operating concept permits adjustment of the welding current at any time during the welding process. Parameters that usually can only be set on the welding unit can now also be controlled directly via the torch thanks to digital data coupling. The individual keys are placed to render incorrect operation virtually impossible. The welder also keeps all relevant values in view at all times: In addition to the welding current and preset jobs, the 7-segment display can show two other parameters, such as gas flow time or pulse frequency. This eliminates unnecessary walking distances between the workpiece and the welding source. A design adapted to the latest ergonomic knowledge also ensures that the torch rests perfectly in the hand and permits relaxed seam tracking. Left-handed use is possible as well: The display can be easily switched to left-handed operation with just a simple push of a button.

An end to unnecessary walking.

Digital data coupling allows control of the most important welding parameters from the torch, even while the system is not in view. The figure shows the T300 AC/DC, which is optimised for industrial TIG production.

Difficult-to-access places:

This is where the compact torch shows its advantages.

“The torch rests extremely well in your hand. It is very easy to work with even in the most difficult positions. Its compact size makes it easier to reach places that used to be difficult to access.”

Thomas Elser

welding specialist

T-Pro series: TIG high performance for the workshop.

The T-Pro series with its robust yet compact housing is the perfect TIG power source for your workshop. It can be relocated quickly and flexibly for its next assignment. At the same time, the gas cylinder for up to 50 l will always stay safely connected to the power source. 

No matter if you are working in the food or chemical industry, in pipeline, machine, or metal construction: the water-cooled T-Pro series feels at home in the industry as well as in crafts. It stands out with optimal welding performance due to its high-end technology, perfect HF ignition, and powerful fast pulsing in the thin-sheet area.


Do you want to learn more about the Lorch T-Pro series? Technical data as well as further details on application and equipment can be found in the data sheet, and additional information is provided in the brochures: