Case: MECALFAST SR.L. Special steel welded quickly and cleanly.

The new MicorMIG 500 fleet has many advantages for mecalfast.

Italian company Mecalfast Sr.l. is a leading provider of machine parts made of high-strength Weldox special steel. With a corporate history numbering forty years by now, Mecalfast was among the first Italian companies that relied on processing of special steel. The advantage of Weldox steel is that it is more resilient than conventional steel, with a high yield strength. Mecalfast has more than 60 employees. It is leading in construction of machine parts for foundation drills, booms, and machines for concrete, filter presses, and fire extinguishing platforms. With a fleet of 15 new welding systems of the MicorMIG 500 Full-Process by Lorch Schweißtechnik, the company is now not only welding a lot more efficiently but was also able to once again clearly increase the quality of production processes.

Overview of Mecalfast Sr.l. 

Company site: 

Alfonsine, IT

Company size:

60 employees

Specialises in:

high-strength Weldox special steel

Successfully used at Mecalfast:
15 new welding systems of the MicorMIG 500 by Lorch Schweißtechnik.

Future-proof by upgrade capacity.

Optimal welding results with SpeedArc, even with high-strength steel

The SpeedArc welding process in particular benefits the company when processing the high-strength steel. In particular when welding special steels, traditional synergic MAG methods often cause undesired undercut. The particularly focused arc of the SpeedArc process now focuses the heat at the centre of the weld seam, reducing the heat input at the sides. This avoids undercut and the resulting elaborate rework. Deep penetration into the base material is warranted. Many parts can be welded in a single layer rather than in multiple ones now. The focused, stable arc also reduces distortion of the parts, while ensuring a better visual result of the weld seam. The welding systems' upgrade capacity is another important advantage for Mecalfast. Additional welding methods can be installed on the systems at any time by NFC technology. This allows the company to react flexibly to new market requirements and to activate additional functions directly at the machines, positioning Mecalfast perfectly for the future as well.

Thanks to the high strength of the Weldox special steel, parts like this chassis could be produced with a lower weight.

SpeedArc allows Mecalfast to not only weld the Weldox special steel more quickly now. The welding process also warrants precise and clean weld seams and little distortion.

The innovative welding processes and efficient high-tech functions of the MicorMIG 500 not only allow us to weld more quickly and cleanly. We are also able to adjust much more flexibly to changes on the market.

Paolo Tomaselli

General Manager

The MicorMIG series replaces the transformer with a future-proof inverter.

These modern and cost-efficient welding unit will keep you flexible: upgrade-capable and compatible with the innovative MIG-MAG Speed processes. the Lorch MicorMIG is setting standards and making switching to a modern, steplessly adjustable welding system simple and effective.


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