Habau Group A successful duo: Welding Cobot by Lorch and turn-tilt table.

Clear time savings at consistently high weld seam quality.

Habau Group has developed from a family-owned company with roots in Upper Austrian Perg into a great player in the construction sector. It has reached the top 4 of the Austrian construction companies. The complete provider's performance range goes from structural and civil engineering, to pipeline, prefabricated part, and wood construction, to steel construction and steel construction facilities. Within the scope of a new production hall for the in.-house metalworking workshop, the company invested, among other things, in a Lorch Cobot Welding Package, combined with a tilt-turn table to keep the parts always in the ideal position. This way, the solution offers optimal prerequisites for welding, while entirely avoiding detrimental difficult positions. This reduced the production time by up to 40 percent without impairing welding quality. Welders are subject to less strain in daily production.

"By always offering the ideal welding position and the resulting increased material application, the Cobot can complete processes that we had to weld in two- or three-layer seams manually before in single-layer weaving operation. That means great time savings of up to 40%. We also relieve our welders of particularly long, exhausting welding work."

Alexander Hörzenberger

head of steel construction

Overview of Habau Group.

Company site:

Perg, AT

Company size:

5.700 employees

Specialises in:

Building group

Many advantages in production from the automated welding  solution.

Process optimisation by combination with the workpiece positioner.

Habau mostly produces high-volume parts that are welded by hand only. The company chose the Lorch Cobot in order to efficiently manage large orders with serial parts (up to 100 kilograms) in higher batch numbers. Advantages of the automated solution: All settings of the welding process can be made on the operating panel very easily and without requiring any great IT knowledge. Once set optimally, the Cobot offers an evenly welded seam with consistently high precision. With the option of saving the welding process for each part, a weld seam can also be reproduced as often as desired. Combined with the tilt-turn table, the Cobot can play its full potential: The positioner is able to turn the clamped workpieces by 90° and rotate them by 720°. It is fully integrated into the Cobot software via UR-Cap.

  • Simple operation
  • Relief for the welders in tiring welding tasks
  • No difficult positions anymore
  • Consistently high welding quality
  • No more tacking of the workpieces
  • Time savings of up to 40%

The Lorch Cobot Welding Package MIG-MAG: Get going now!

Cobot welding means collaborative robot welding for medium-sized companies. The MIG-MAG edition of the Lorch Cobot Welding Package is the ideal tool for economical welding automation in small and medium series production. What are you waiting for? The Lorch Welding Package MIG-MAG lets you start automating your welding production right away.


Do you want to learn more about the Lorch Cobot Welding Package MIG-MAG? Technical data as well as further details on application and equipment can be found in the data sheet, and additional information is provided in the brochures:

Bilder und Texte: Ing. Norbert Novotny, x-technik