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The new independence of Müller Montagen GmbH

Headquartered in the Swiss town of Kradolf, Müller Montagen GmbH has specialised in construction and industrial Installations. Whether working at sea level or in dizzying heights – the team headed by owner Lars Müller works jobs all over Switzerland and beyond, completing a wide variety of different tasks. These welding experts face new challenges on a daily basis. And, they need to be able to rely on one thing to overcome them: a flexible and powerful welding solution.


Trained as a metal building fitter, the specialist for installationjobs and his team are constantly required to adapt to new sites of operation – from mountain lodges to large construction sites to welding operations while attached to as well as on top of cranes and roofs. Power sources that are up to this type of challenge are just as few and far between as is a reliably available mains supply. Worse yet, the conditions on site often restrict the movements of the welder significantly. Thus, indispensable: a powerful and mobile welding machine that is as lightweight as possible.

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Müller Montagen

SMART SOLUTION PROVIDED BY LORCH: Micor Stick 160 and MobilePower

When pushed through the daily grind at the job site, Lorch’s mobile welding solution will quickly show its tremendous advantages: Made up of welding source and battery pack, its two-component system combines maximum flexibility with superior welding characteristics. The benefits of the MicorStick 160 start with its low weight of merely 4.9 kilograms. When fitted with the six kilogram battery pack, the machine will tip the scales at just under eleven kilograms. This is a weight that the operator will have no trouble handling even over longer distances. Despite its minimal dimensions of merely 34 x 13 x 21 centimetres, the MicorStick will impress the welder from the first time it is used with its stable arc and outstanding ignition characteristics. When used with cellulose electrodes, the machine will even complete vertical downward welds with perfect reliability and top-notch quality. The machine owes its exceptional welding characteristics to the cutting-edge electronic equipment that is built into every MicorStick unit. Highly advanced inverter technology and an automatic adaptive Hotstart feature that provides for perfect ignition every time are just as indicative of the machine’s state-of-the-art technology as the Anti-Stick system that prevents the electrode from sticking.

Arc-Force regulation supports the welding process by delivering increased arc stability and optimised metal transfer. Even when powered by a generator or hooked up to long cables, the MicorStick strikes up reliably and remains incredibly stable. Well engineered to the last detail: the two-component system Lorch has implemented in this mobile solution. The option to isolate the stationary from the mobile power source provides a host of advantages. For instance, it allows for adding a second battery, doubling the welding time with ease. Changing the battery on site is as easy as can be. All it takes is to disconnect the cable from the battery and to connect the new battery pack. The second battery can be easily taken along or carried separately to the welding location. It is possible to fit and remove grab handles as needed.

Another benefit of the duo solution: Aside from use in combination with the battery pack, the MicorStick is also suited for operation on 230 V mains and generator power. This versatility makes it possible to use the MicorStick as an “ordinary” electrode welding unit. The latter is an advantage of enormous value to small and mid-sized metal construction companies. After all, investing in just one of these all-rounders allows them to cover multiple fields of application. The welder can simply focus on his job without having to worry about his power source – battery, mains supply or generator.

MicorStick will detect automatically to which type of power source it is connected; its internal power management guarantees maximum efficiency throughout operation as well as the customary stable and powerful arc. Lars Müller has been applying Lorch welding technology in his company with great success for quite some time. In addition to MIG-MAG equipment, the company also relies on a TIG welding machine Made in Auenwald. The entrepreneur is also highly satisfied with Lorch’s customer service: “The service partner who is responsible for us here in Switzerland has been more than helpful so far and has allowed us to keep our operation running smoothly.”

This is the customer’s verdict:

“The MicorStick with battery combination has already proven to be an outstanding investment that offers an exquisite price-performance ratio. Its extraordinary versatility and ability to cut down processing times significantly and to allow for effortless welding in outdoor areas has streamlined our work flow significantly. I can simply start welding right away without being hampered by any restrictions on the job site. No more need to hunt down a power source or waste time dragging cables. Besides, electrical sockets at outdoor job sites are a precious commodity and either fought over by the workers or suffering from overload. Worse yet, you may often experience that some of your fellow craftsmen are inconsiderate enough to pull the plug on you and disconnect your equipment. Another invention that I find especially nifty is the “WeldBackPack”. Apart from being exceptionally useful, it is also very comfortable to carry. You can put it on easily and without assistance, climb ladders quickly because your hands are free, and can rest assured that everything is tucked away safely and securely. If required, you can also conveniently set the duo down at your welding location. Our final assessment: No metal construction company should go without the Micor- Stick and MobilePower combination.”

Lars Müller,
owner of Müller Montagen GmbH

Impressions of Müller Montagen


Lorch Schweißtechnik GmbH
Im Anwänder 24 – 26
71549 Auenwald


T +49 7191 503-0
F +49 7191 503-199

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