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Attached to their welding solutions: Trailer manufacturer Müller-Mitteltal

“First-rate quality for professional applications” is the guiding principle of Müller-Mitteltal. Family-owned and operated, the mid-sized company from the outskirts of Freudenstadt has earned esteem as one of Europe’s top-ranking trailer manufacturers. Whether used in the construction industry, for heavy-duty transportation or at companies in the local community: The custom trailers and low loaders engineered by Müller-Mitteltal represent highly advanced means of transportation that are equipped to satisfy any requirement. The company’s workforce of 170 employees produce 1,200 trailers each year. The company started out in 1931 and built the first log transporter entirely made of steel and fitted with rubber tyres. Just in time for BAUMA 2016, the company shipped their 60,000th trailer.


It goes without saying that the equipment used by the company needs to satisfy not one but several steep requirements to produce welds that stand up to the stellar quality of the trailers. All welded seams have to fit perfectly as the trailers transport payloads of up to 60 tonnes and the welds are subjected to tremendous forces during travel. The sophisticated construction made up of longitudinal and transverse struts requires the welding of steel plates with a wall thickness of 10 to 60 millimetres. These struts tie the undercarriage together and ensure that the trailer’s own weight will be reduced to the minimum despite the enormous loads it has to carry. This design mandates that the welder primarily implement many short welds that can withstand the stress to which they are exposed.

Another requirement is that the welds are flawless from a visual standpoint as nearly all connections are well visible. To meet these demanding requirements, the individual plates are precisely tacked together beforehand. Depending on the size of the trailer, the final welding on the load-bearing undercarriage must then be completed by one to two welders – usually using fillet welds.


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Our new SpeedPulse XT welding process is the perfectmatch for the formidable challenges Müller-Mitteltal has to overcome on a daily basis. SpeedPulse XT makes difficult welding scenarios such as welding in corners an absolute breeze. One particular feature that sets the new S-series apart is Lorch’s patented inherent proportional control. It allows the controller to intervene during the same pulse phase, thus enabling the welder to exert ultra fast, yet smooth control over the welding process. This advantage becomes immediately apparent while welding over tack welds or when dealing with uneven gap dimensions. While conventional arcs often require massive adjustments and have a tendency to overshoot, the arc length of the SpeedPulse XT is readjusted with utmost precision. Welding over tack welds can be accomplished safely and without arc instability. Changes in frequency are no longer audible, and the tendency to produce spatter is curbed significantly. Another tremendously helpful feature is start and end correction which proves its worth every day given the large number of welds that need to be completed. Aside from arc correction, this feature also allows for an adjustment of the arc length, especially during the start and the end phases. The individual parameters act in addition to the general arc correction feature. As yet another useful feature of the new S-series, dynamic control allows for a fine tuning of the arc characteristics. This feature lets Müller-Mitteltal adapt the machine totheir specific way of welding. The welders can use the control dial to easily adjust the arc from soft (dynamic low) to hard (dynamic high), allowing them to effortlessly react to different welding jobs and welding positions.

Impressions of Müller-Mitteltal

“The SpeedPulse XT welding process affords our welders an increased level of safety. What is more, the machines are remarkably sturdy and easy to use. Even the control panel leaves nothing to be desired. Another advantage of tremendous benefit in our day-to-day operations is the deliberate lack of a touch screen and the use of the tried-and-tested control dial. These features allow the welders to set the values they need directly without worrying about such factors as dust, which is often detrimental to working with a touch screen. Another benefit of notable value is that the S-series makes it possible to effortlessly upload other welding processes aside from the ones that come standard with the machine. The repairs we perform do not always allow us to weld fillet welds. This is why our welders are thankful that they can now easily resort to the SpeedUp and SpeedRoot welding processes. Front and centre for our welding processes is the ability to produce a weld that is pristine both from a quality and a visual standpoint and requires as little rework as possible. Thanks to the new S-series and SpeedPulse XT we are now in a position to accomplish such welds every time. With its customisable settings options the latest inception of the S-series has opened up an entirely new dimension in the field of MIG-MAG welding. We cannot think of a more enthusiastic feedback to the introduction of a new model series as the immediate question of other welders as to when they will finally be able to lay their hands on the new equipment.”

Christian Finkbeiner,
welding expert at Müller-Mitteltal

Impressions of Müller-Mitteltal


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