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Precise weld seams for steel behemoths

For 70 years the Messer Group in East Hesse with its approximately 260 employees has been an established name in the areas of industrial installation and apparatus engineering. The focus areas are manufacturing and installation of apparatus, tanks, pipelines and plants for a wide variety of industries. The company has four locations in Germany; Messer Industriemontagen & Apparatebau GmbH in Heringen (Werra), functions as the headquarters facility. Messer’s expertise is in particular demand whenever gigantic components such as evaporators for desalination plants, and weld seams of the highest possible quality are involved.


Often Messer’s workpieces are so large that they hardly fit on the road. Yet each weld seam, be it ever so small, must be precisely seated and must meet the most rigorous quality requirements. What is more, the oversizes involve an additional complication for welding: Two-thirds of all weld seams must be welded in forced position as vertical up welds or cross welds (PF / PC) – weld positions that a welder would actually want to avoid. This is also the case when constructing multiple evaporators for a new kainite crystallization plant (with subsequent flotation). The tanks necessary for this process can be as large as seven meters in diameter, 16 meters in length and weigh as much as 74 tons. For these tanks the sheet metal thickness extends from 20 millimetres for the tank shell (pressure vessel steel P265GH) up to 50 millimetres for base components and attached plats (normal construction steel S235JRG2 and S355J2). It can take far more than 1,000 work hours just for the welding of one tank alone. Due to the thickness of the sheet metal the seams are welded in several layers. For this process high reliability of the welding units and top welding performance are absolute prerequisites.

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The S-SpeedPulse XT is characterised by high reliability and stability of the arc and a high deposition rate. This is achieved through the special SpeedPulse XT process. With variable arc length adjustment the welder has greater control of the pulse arc. By changing the distance of torch to workpiece the welder can react with greater facility to the given boundary conditions, such as different gap dimensions. Difficult welding situations, such as in corners, are also easier to master. In addition there is also the possibility of separately adjusting the arc length specifically for the start phase, welding phase and end phase with identical current or wire feed. Thus, not only is a higher welding capacity achieved, the welding process is executed with greater ease, and above all with less spatter, which reduces rework to a minimum. Thanks to dynamic control the arc can be variably adjusted to a wide range of jobs and welding positions, and also to the personal preferences of the welders. This is an important advantage, particularly when the components cannot be moved or turned due to the immense component sizes and piece weights. When welding in forced position, the welder can change the arc characteristics from hard to soft quickly and without complications in direct access, and thus adapt the arc characteristics to quite individual welding habits.


“In daily use the S-SpeedPulse XT impresses us with high reliability, the stability of the arc, and above all the high deposition rate. The machines work absolutely fault-free and we achieve a 25 to 30 percent higher deposition rate with the same parameters. In the hectic day-to-day production routine, the welder needs clear, and above all simple control of the welding processes. The control panel of the S-XT meets these requirements 100 percent. All parameters are easy to see and the necessary variables can be quickly and easily set via control elements and knobs, even wearing welding gloves.”
Peter Dzwonek, production manager; Patrick Dzwonek, workshop foreman and welding supervisor

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