Compact. Ultra flexible. Intuitive.

TIG welding where you need it: Whether running on mains, generator or battery power – the compact MicorTIG aff ords you unparalleled flexibility thanks to its All-In technology. Off setting any mains fluctuation with perfect ease, the system is guaranteed to deliver maximum power every time. Better still, the Lorch Powermaster torch paired with the unit allows you to control all welding parameters directly at the handle, saving you the trouble of covering unnecessary distances.
The graphic display which utilises with symbol-controlled operation attests to the fact that cutting-edge technology does not have be complicated. Controlling your MicorTIG is completely intuitive and does not require any language skills.
This ease of use makes the MicorTIG an indispensable staple for the workshop and installation on location.

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With the new MicorTIG promotion, you will save money with the Ready-to-Weld package and at the same time get a free fitness tracker. A perfect combination for those who give their all wherever they are. 

"You feel like a painter drawing a line when completing your weld seam."

Stjepan Budic, Managing Director F-Town Streetmachines

+ Graphic display with language selection and job memory.
Intuitive machine control thanks to a clearly structured user interface.

+ Robust! Protected against falls from a height of up to 80 cm.
Thanks to its specially designed crash protection, the machine is sure to survive a fall from heights of up to 80 cm completely unscathed.

+ Pulsing and fast pulsing with up to 5 kHz.
Performs especially well when used for welding thin sheets.

+ Safety.
Bearing the IP23 and S-symbol, the series is ideal for applications in the field.

+ Remote control at the torch.
The optional Powermaster torch puts all key welding parameters right at your fingertips, i.e. on the handle.

+ Energy-efficient.
High efficiency and low energy consumption thanks to integrated state-of-the-art industrial electronics and on-demand technology.

Unique flexibility thanks to All-In technology

MicorTIG plus MobilePower – freedom from the mains

Mains-independent, exceptionally versatile, and powerful.

Simply connect the MobilePower battery pack to the MicorTIG Accu-ready. No more searching for a mains socket or lugging around extension cables.
You can start welding with perfect performance right away. An ideal choice for site work and urgent repairs, especially outdoors.
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