Lorch Cobot Welding Package

Make your team stronger

Cobot welding offers an easy entry point into the world of automated welding and a first step towards Industry 4.0. This robot technology enables medium-sized companies to weld small to medium batch sizes with ease and an affordable budget. The Lorch Cobot Welding Package is tailored perfectly to the needs of specialised welding companies, can be integrated seamlessly into their work flows and bolsters their competitiveness. Look forward to a new type of welding.

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Lorch Speed processes

The Masters of Speed

Speed signifies more than just speed. Speeding up the welding process is only possible, if the penetration and weld integrity are assured and the whole process is extremely simple to use for everyone. Only when this is the case can you step ahead and enter the next level of productivity: lean-welding process without time-consuming preparation work and lots of post weld reworking tasks.

Thousands of hours of hard work are worth it: Lorch made welding fast. Our MIG-MAG process innovations help to sustain reduction of your manufacturing costs. They clearly increase your welding speeds, simplify the process considerably and enable higher productivity, which has not been possible until now.

Three Lorch welding units - the P, S XT and S-Speed Pulse XT series - offer you this speed, and their quality is included among the best in the world. Inside they carry the speed processes, for speeding up your manufacturing. We call this Masters of Speed.

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MicorBoost technology

As precise as clockwork – power reserves like a turbocharger.

The days when the compact size of the inverters forced welders to compromise on performance are over. Patented MicorBoost technology affords inverters a nearly perfect weld curve, acting like turbochargers in cars: utilising maximum power in the smallest of spaces. As soon as the current is reduced due to external disruptions, it is now possible to activate significantly higher voltage reserves.

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Battery technology

MicorStick or MicorTIG with MobilePower – the dream team for mobile welding

Mains-independent, exceptionally versatile, and powerful.

Whether used in forestry, mining, road, bridge or tunnel construction, sewage or at high seas or for railing construction, maintenance and pipeline construction – the combination of MicorStick plus MobilePower offers almost limitless application options. First-rate welding performance where you need it. Cut off from the mains supply, yet still powerful. High-performance, lithium-ion battery technology makes it possible. Weld up to 28 electrodes (ø 2.5 mm) or 51 min. of TIG (at 50 A) on one battery charge.

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Lorch MobilePower

Supporting member RWTH Aachen University

Industry 4.0: Innovations that move the world

Aside from constantly pushing our own Lorch innovations, we also lend our support to research institutes at universities. We have, therefore, become a supporting member of the campus at RWTH Aachen. This technical university is renowned for their research on the subject of Industry 4.0. 


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