the iqs-SerieS.The new reference in industrial welding.

Are you ready for the future?

The welding system you can rely on.

Soaring costs, increasing competitive pressure, ever more complex customer requirements – we understand the challenges you are facing in order to combine investment security and solution competence.

Our solution is using the best technology available in a smart manner. Further digital development that keeps coming, combined with greatest efficiency and performance, makes a decisive difference in Industrial welding production.

We have put all we have into delivering on this value proposition with the iQS. A completely new inverter ensures control stability and the best arc available from within the Lorch portfolio. Our highest priority is giving our customers greatest availability in their production with the iQS. Every part has been tested for tough industrial use and adapted accordingly. This, combined with the intuitive operation, makes the technology accessible to every welder.

Is this just what you are looking for? Then keep reading and convince yourself of a secure future for welding.

The most important innovations at a glance.

Intuitive control panel. 3-2-1 welding.

The Smart-Cockpit with 7'' display. Can be used with push-button or touch operation.
Even when wearing welding gloves.

Over-the-air. Remote service.

Simply secure updates conveniently via Wi-Fi and stay up to date at all times.

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Wi-Fi on board. By default.

Over-the-air upgrades or features via subscription model. Lorch Connect ex works.

Extremely simple service.

The entire power module can be easily exchanged without fuss. Access to fuses and possibility to drain coolant without removal of cooling unit.

Exceptional dust protection.

Encapsulated air duct and separate dust-free electronics area.


No jubilee clips. Only industry standard QuickConnect water hoses.

Ready for the future!

Absolute High-end Welding Performance.

Our high-end welding unit series guarantees optimum results through advanced development and experience – for greater efficiency, cost savings and satisfaction.


New Smart Process Control Engine.

Time equals money – it certainly does in production. A new SPC engine allows us to develop welding processes and suitable synergic lines and to transfer them to your iQS even more quickly. We are also happy to incorporate our customers' ideas in this. This makes it easy to create new innovations – in record times. In any case, you will always get cutting-edge equipment – no matter the market developments.

Clean weld seams, barely any spatter.

A newly developed RCS module (Rapid Current Shutdown) has enabled us to further improve our short arc processes. The result is a particularly clean process with less spatter and even higher weld seam quality. This saves your welders the need for elaborate rework and thus plenty of time and money.

Another advantage for the user: The weld pool can be better controlled and manipulated. This improves welding greatly, in particular thin sheets <3mm.

Learn more about the Lorch Speed processes

New inverter.

A new, robust inverter was developed for the iQS. It makes processes run even more stably and smoothly. Users can steplessly adjust parameters and select the perfect working point for them. This improves the weld seam quality and minimises rework.

Its high performance also makes the iQS ideally suited for robot connections – offering an opportunity for companies to further optimise operator comfort, cost efficiency, and welding results. Experience welding 4.0.

Optimal welding behaviour saves time.

Faster to get started: The iQS offers the right synergic lines for virtually any application – rendering major corrections unnecessary.

Faster in the process: Our speed synergic lines enable faster welding for the user.

Faster to finish: Our processes are particularly low-spatter, saving elaborate rework.

Welding with iQ redefined.

Innovative and intelligent connectivity for high performance.

iQ as advanced connectivity transforms your welding machine into a high-end system for industry 4.0. All the necessary components are seamlessly integrated into the system, allowing the machine to be connected directly to the WiFi. This allows for quick and simple updating of the system. With iQ, you are always up to date. You can conveniently purchase and test every software update as well as new welding processes online.

In addition, iQ enables the direct reading and evaluation of welding data such as switch-on time, welding time and welding parameters. A remote function also simplifies the future service process.

With iQ, there is nothing to stop the digitalisation and transparency of your manufacturing.

The MF-09.

The all-round carefree package for your production.

The equipment and accessories for the iQS are just as diverse as your areas of application. This also includes a completely new MF-09 wire feeder. 

That is the part that must fit perfectly with the intended use in everyday production. Long weld seams, large parts, and difficult welding positions require precisely the right feeder case configuration.

The MF-09 offers an all-round carefree package for your production. The long and short of it is that your welder must love the feeder case and be able to work with it. That is why we focus on user-friendliness in everyday use in combination with maximum robustness.
The result leaves nothing to be desired.

The Smart-Cockpit.

3-2-1 welding. The next level.

  • Robust 7-inch display
  • Optimal display protection
  • Clear display cleverly presented
  • Incorrect settings are prevented
  • Different complexities to suit the user
  • Configurable QuickAccess menu
  • Simple and self-explanatory menu navigation
  • All important parameters always in view

New water-cooling concept.

Developed for smooth operation and service.

The iQS has a modular water-cooling concept with a new water circulation cooling unit (WUK). This makes filling, draining, and reading the fill level even easier. If service is required, the WUK module can be removed and replaced in a few simple steps. The larger tank volume also permits use of feeder case systems with longer intermediate hose packages. This reduces your costs and increases your return on investment.

The iQ LMS Performance torch.

Smart torch control.

  • Optimised design for pulse welding
  • Extremly stable and controllable arc
  • Innovative contact tip cooling
  • Perfect gas coverage
  • Minimised temper colours in stainless steel welds
  • Clean weld seams (little fume and soot) in aluminum
  • Optimal current transfer from the contact tip to the wire

The Lorch central connection.

Faster. Better. Easier.

  • Robust wire space switch: Programmable for wire inching and retract, or gas test.
  • Seamless transition between feed unit and torch: No liner adjustments necessary when changing torches.
  • Smart torch identification with four contacts rather than two. Robust BUS protocol for precise torch operation.
  • Efficient current transfer up to 600 A via lamella contact for a long service life and reduced energy loss and increased arc stability.
  • One 'click' – ready for use immediately. Easy torch change - complete simplicity.


Would you like to learn more about the Lorch iQS-series? Preliminary technical data as well as details can be found here: