Case: MASTAB Stahl- und Industriebau Marburg GmbH Perfect mobility and flexibility with the Lorch MicorStick 160 and MobilePower

Mobile welding on commercial buildings and individual special solutions.

MASTAB Stahl- und Industriebau GmbH Marburg is your professional partner for commercial buildings, and in particular for individual special solutions. Mastab serves customers at its headquarters in Hesse as well as in many other German states. It accompanies their construction projects through all project phases from planning to handing over the keys.

Overview of MASTAB Stahl- und Industriebau Marburg GmbH.

Company site:

Marburg, Deutschland

Specialises in:

Steel construction, commercial buildings

The search for a power source and time-consuming cable routing are eliminated

There is the frequently recurring issue of lacking power connections or long distances to be bridged to the closest power source in this area.

Once the power supply by cable has been tediously installed, the voltage will often fluctuate, causing deficient welding results. The mobile MicorStick 160 from Lorch with the MobilePower battery pack allows the company to weld at construction sites entirely independently of the situation with the power source and at excellent welding results.

The perfect Duo by Lorch

Peter Hühn, in charge of steel construction at MASTAB, loves it: The MicorStick offers true relieve in daily work at the construction site when combined with the MobilePower battery pack.

Flexible, reliable, and practical.

Ideal prerequisites for welding on the construction site.

The MicorStick, combined with MobilePower, gives the welders at Mastab perfect freedom of movement on the construction site. A single battery charge can weld up to 28 electrodes (basic, rutile, or special electrodes up to 4 millimetres) independently of a mains connection. The “Accu-ready” version provides a flexible power supply from the 230-volt lighting network, a generator, or the Mobile Power battery pack directly.

“The MicorStick offers double freedom by welding from the mains or from the battery at equally good welding results.”

Peter Hühn

in charge of steel construction and assembly at Mastab

Innovative inverter technology for best welding results.

Powerful arc even with mains voltage fluctuations.

Micor inverter technology produces a powerful, stable arc unaffected by mains voltage fluctuations and cables that are up to 200 metres long. Further advantages for outdoor use include the MicorStick’s extreme compactness, easy transport at only 4.9 kilograms, and fall protection at heights of up to 80 centimetres.

up to 200 m
up to 4 mm
<5 kg
up to 80 cm

Can do more. Can take more. The MicorStick series by Lorch.

Mobile welding with the MicorStick offers the best welding performance always and everywhere with MicorBoost technology and the MobilePower battery pack.


Do you want to learn more about the Lorch MicorStick - series? Technical data as well as further details on application and equipment can be found in the data sheet, and additional information is provided in the brochures: