Electrode welding

The electric arc burns between the material and melting electrode. The electrode simultaneously supplies the filler metal. The stick electrode is clamped in an electrode holder and positioned by the welder. Stick electrodes are generally coated. The coating also melts and protects the molten pool and arc against outside air by releasing gases and slag. The slag is removed after the molten pool cools.

Inverter welders have very good welding properties and are thus also suitable for special electrodes. Nearly all weldable materials can be welded with stick electrodes, e.g. structural steel, boiler steel, steel tubes, cast steel, stainless steel, hard facing steels, etc.

Electrode welding is simple and safe. The compact devices are easy to handle and transport. Since no gas is needed, welding can be performed outdoors, even in wind. Electrode weld machines are used in all lines of business, from industry through to craftsmen.

Good to know: Devices marked with an (S) can also be used under higher electrical risks.

  1. Stick electrode
  2. Coating
  3. Core wire
  4. Gas / Slag
  5. Arc
  6. Melt zone
  7. Base material

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