Case: Peters Werft GmbH A simple switch from transformer systems to inverter technology.

MicorMIG pulse convinces in operation at Peters Werft.

Peters Werft in Wewelsfleth, Schleswig-Holstein, is a medium-sized family-owned company and has represented customised solutions in ship construction with now 120 employees for 150 years. A new order for conversion of a Scandinavian yacht challenged the company to perform welding work on already-aged aluminium above the water line and to insert new stabilisers in the steel ship hull. Therefore, they were looking for a solution that would be able to weld two different materials with equal efficiency, while at the same time aiming to gradually replace the old transformer systems with new ones. Use of the MicorMIG Pulse made not only the change to the much more efficient inverter technology extremely simple. Flexibility was clearly increased, equipment times reduced, and aluminium welding now achieves clean weld seams with much higher speeds.

Overview of Peters Werft GmbH.

Company site: 

Wewelsfleth, DE

Company size:

120 employees

Specialises in:

ship construction

Thick sheet thicknesses, cramped conditions, and welding in difficult welding positions are some of the daily tasks work on a shipyard is posing to the power source and the welders alike. This is a challenge the MicorMIG Pulse is mastering outstandingly.

The ideal all-rounder for the use on the shipyard.

Intuitive operation, high flexibility, innovative welding processes

The intuitive operation turned out to be a special advantage of introduction of the MicorMIG Pulse solution at Peters Werft. The BasicPlus version in particular offers an ideal environment for switching from a transformer system to an inverter: a logical operating concept, stepless power current adjustment, simple process and welding programme selection, and a dynamic control that allows individual adjustment of the arc to the desired welding application. Another advantage is the full-process version, where the system already provides various welding processes. Additional processes can be added by NFC technology on demand. This way,aluminium, structural and special steel can all be welded with the same machine. Welders no longer need to waste time on the elaborate change of equipment. The highlight is that the innovative MicorTwin welding process gives precise weld seams with the MIG-MAG process and with much higher speeds for aluminium sheets. The necessary robustness and mobility of the systems are ensured by a combination with the heavy-duty cart, with a frame that protects from hard impacts while allowing easy lifting or pushing of the systems to the intended location by crane using the attached rings and rollers.

Thanks to the heavy-duty version, the MicorMIG Pulse can be taken safely and easily to any workplace. The hose package can also be taken along easily on the lateral carrying arms.

The MicorTwin process offers excellent welding of aluminium sheets in the MIG-MAG process as well (archive image).

"The new systems let us work much more flexibly now. Equipment times have shortened a lot."

Jeroen Anderson

Ship construction engineer and welding supervisor

The MicorMIG series: Low-spatter welding thanks to stable and controllable pulse arc.

The fully flexible, dynamic settings optimally adapt the arc to your needs. Its welding properties and an excellent price-performance ratio combine to turn the MicorMIG Pulse series the ideal entry-level candidate for pulse welding


Do you want to learn more about the MicorMIG Pulse series? Technical data as well as further details on application and equipment can be found in the data sheet, and additional information is provided in the brochures: