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Experience a real highlight for vertical seam welding.

Vertical seam welding faster than ever before.

Vertical-up welding? Was difficult in the past. The perfect vertical-up welding seam was an “award”. The necessary triangle or Christmas tree movement of the hand was a technique only mastered by experts. The material must not be too cold; the root must be good and was only achieved with great care. With a certain reverence, these men were called Christmas tree welders, because there was no other possibility to weld vertically upwards successfully. However, this technique was almost as slow as the tree itself growing, and deadline pressure often was an own goal. So it was logical that some of our engineers searched for a simplification. They have found it. The honour is now ours.

The “simple” vertical welding process has been invented.

The trick is the combination of two processes or better two arcing phases. The first one: the “hot” phase with high-energy insertion is for optimum melting of the material. Due to the perfect arc regulation you proceed from this phase without any transition and therefore virtually spatter-free into the other one: the “cold” phase, with reduced energy insertion for an exactly dimensioned weld seam. This phase also ensures good penetration and exact “a”-measurement dimensions. It sounds simple and it really is. Because even semi-skilled welders master the SpeedUp process in a very short time. With excellent root penetration, they also now weld vertically up in an easy and skilful manner.

You will find all relevant facts and figures as well as other useful information in our

FactSheet SpeedUp

SpeedUp speeds up.

If you hammer a oversize hole in a wall just in order to lay a thin cable, you will need a lot of time to plaster it up again. This was also the case for vertical welding. Until now! SpeedUp by Lorch works in a much more precise way: Like a small, exact hole in the wall which is then re-plastered fast as the wind, the “a”-measurement is applied as precisely as possible on metal sheets of up to 12 mm.

The concentrated SpeedUp arc is practically twice as fast with steel and stainless steel and is made possible by the precision and the high-end control technique of the Lorch units. For Lorch P Series, SpeedUp is approx. 60 – 80 % faster, an enormous progress for everyone welding a vertical seam. And for those using a Lorch S-SpeedPulse are up to 100 % faster. SpeedUp with PulseControl.

The SpeedUp process is available as an optional feature for the S-Pulse XT, the S-SpeedPulse XT and the P-series.

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