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Lorch gives MASTAB complete independence.

MASTAB Stahl- und Industriebau GmbH Marburg is the professional partner for commercial buildings with the expertise to provide fully customised solutions. Supporting customers both at their company base in Hesse and in many other states of Germany, MASTAB accompanies their construction projects throughout all phases of a project – from planning to the handing over of the keys. Efficient welding solutions are key to the success of every MASTAB project.


The problem frequently faced by MASTAB is one encountered by most companies working on a construction site – the lack of electrical power connections. Another inconvenience is the need to cover great distances from one power source to the next. Even after the power supply has been established at great effort, power fluctuations often hamper the welder’s performance, at times to a point where the welding results are inadequate. MASTAB desperately needed a smart welding solution that furnished them with complete mobility, flexibility and outstanding welding results.

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The experts of Lorch’s Application Technology quickly realised that MASTAB’s requirements could only be met by a mobile welding solution. A MicorStick electrode welding machine combined with a MobilePower battery pack affords the welder the mobility he needs to work and move freely about the construction site and makes him autonomous from any missing, remote or overloaded power sources. The smart version of this solution “Accu-ready” makes it possible to supply power from the 230 Volt mains power network, a generator or directly from the MobilePower battery pack. The Micor inverter technology built into the MicorStick series delivers a powerful and stable arc that remains completely unaffected even if subjected to mains voltage fluctuations or connected to cables with a length of up to 200 metres. One battery charge is enough to weld up to 28 electrodes (basic, rutile or special electrodes with up to 4 millimetres). 

The rough-and-tumble conditions commonly found at construction sites prompted us to equip our MicorStick welding machines with protection against falls from heights of up to 80 centimetres. And yet, we managed to add this extra protection without adding to their weight of merely 4.9 kilograms. In short: the perfect partner for all types of regular use on site – on the ground, on the assembly platform or anywhere else where mobile welding solutions are needed.

Based in Marburg, the company has put their trust in Lorch’s first-rate welding solutions since 2007 and values the reliability and real-world suitability the smart welding solutions engineered in Auenwald afford them for all their production and installation needs. 

This is the customer’s verdict:

“A question that is at the front and centre at every construction site is: where are the electrical power connections. The life of the welder is made much easier if he can rely on a welding system that is, for all intents and purposes, autonomous. Another frequently encountered issue is the need to cover great distances to connect to a power supply. In this regard, the machine helps us save a tremendous amount of money and time. You will also not take any electrical power away from anyone else. On occasion, welders also experience that the mains voltage supply is insufficient as it is bogged down by the simultaneous use of too many machines. Thanks to our new, smart solution from Lorch, we are now fully independent of the available mains power supply.”

Peter Hühn,
responsible at MASTAB for steel constructions

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