X 350 PST
Accepting no compromises in extreme situations.
  • Operation concept: ControlPro
  • 10 - 350 A
  • ED 60% at 40°C: 35 A
  • Weldable electrode: Up to 8.0 mm Ø, Gouging to 6.5 mm Ø
X 350 PST

Light-weight high-performance champion.

Starting at a weight of 18.6 kg with 350 A, the X 350 PST leads the power-to-weight ranking. One could also say that it offers greater output at lower weight.

Rugged build.

The X 350 PST is extremely stable in spite of its low weight. Falls from heights of up to 60 cm are no problem thanks to its crash protection. The special construction of the base of the unit offers excellent shielding also protect from dust, water, and dirt ingress.

The high-voltage hero.

Extension cables of up to 200 m and generator operation are often required. The X 350 PST keeps on welding even if the voltage drops. The welding unit only turns off when the maximum negative tolerance of 40% is reached.

The smart energy saver.

Temperature sensors that steplessly adjust fan speed, the highly efficient MicorBoost technology and a standby function for welding breaks render the X 350 PST extremely energy efficient.

Polarity reversal function (PST).

The automatic polarity reversal function (PST) of the X 350 PST enables a quick polarity change, directly on the unit or on the remote controller, without having to reconnect the cable.

Country-specific product variants.

Country-specific product variants are available for this Lorch welding unit. These may differ in the mains supply, the mains plug or other product features required for the country. You want to know more? Contact your local Lorch partner.

Technical data

Electrode welding
Welding range 400 V: [A] 10 - 350
Voltage range: [V] 20.4 - 34
Weldable electrodes: [Ø in mm] 1.5 - 8
Electrode duty cycle
Duty cycle 100% (40°c): [A] 230
Duty cycle 60%: [A] 280
Duty cycle at max. current (40°c): [%] 35
TIG welding
Welding range 3~ 400 V: [A] 10 - 350
Voltage range: [V] 10.4 - 24
TIG Duty cycle DC 400 V
Duty cycle DC 100% (40°c): [A] 250
Duty cycle DC 60% (40°c): [A] 300
Duty cycle DC at max. current (40°c): [%] 40
Process-independent data
Open circuit voltage: [V] 73 - 86
Mains 400 V
Mains voltage 3~ (50/60 Hz): [V] 400
Mains fuse 3~ (50/60 Hz): [A] 25
Positive mains tolerance 3~ (50/60 Hz): [%] 25
Negative mains tolerance 3~ (50/60 Hz): [%] 40
Mains plug
Mains plug: CEE 32
Standards and approvals
Protection class: IP34S
Insulation class: F
Norm/Standard: EN 60974-01
Designation/Certification: CE, S
Cooling type
Cooling type: Gas-cooled
Dimensions length x width x height
Dimensions (LxWxH) [mm] 515 × 185 × 400
Weight: [kg] 20.2


  • “3 steps and weld” operating concept
  • Simple one-button operation
  • Stepless current adjustment
  • Amperometric digital display
  • Electrode preselection (basic, rutile, and CEL) for optimal welding parameters
  • Hot start in quick access


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