MIG-MAG welding

With the MIG-MAG method (MIG = Metal Inert Gas/MAG = Metal Active Gas) the electric arc burns between the melting, automatically supplied welding rod (= electrode) and the material. A separately supplied gas protects the arc and welding zone against outside air. The shielding gas and welding rod must be matched to the base material. Weldable materials include:

Aluminium, aluminium alloys 

  • Method: MIG
  • Wire electrode: matched to the material to be welded
  • Shielding gas: Ar, He or mixtures


General structural, boiler, tubular steel 

  • Method: MAG
  • Wire electrode: SG 1-3
  • Shielding gas: mixed gas (Ar/CO2) or CO2


Stainless steel, high alloy steel 

  • Method: MAG
  • Wire electrode: matched to the material to be welded
  • Shielding gas: mixed gas (e.g. Ar/CO2 or Ar/CO2/O2)


MIG/MAG welding is the most popular welding method nowadays on account of its enormous advantages. The high welding speed, minimum reworking and low distortion ensure high efficiency. The great weld seam strength, excellent thin-sheet properties and simple and safe handling with steel, aluminium and stainless steel make the method universally acceptable.

  1. Shielding gas nozzle
  2. Contact tip
  3. Electrode
  4. Shielding gas
  5. Arc
  6. Melt zone
  7. Base material

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