Welding robotics from Yaskawa and Lorch.Greater efficiency, quality, and safety for all batch sizes.

Secure your competitive advantage as a middle-sized business.

Profit from automating your welding production.

Welding automation provides decisive competitive advantages through increased efficiency, quality, and safety. It might only pay off for large companies due to its high investment costs, though? Certainly not!

Lorch has teamed up with Yaskawa to provide medium-sized companies with a quick, simple, and economical gateway to industrial robot welding, providing an answer to challenges such as a shortage of skilled workers, increasing quality requirements, and cost pressure no matter whether they work in metal construction or large-scale industry.

Profit from the advantages of welding automation as well now!

Increase reproducibility.

Quality remains at a high level at all times, no matter the welder. This reduces waste and maximises your output.

Overcome the shortage of skilled workers.

Skilled workers can be deployed elsewhere since these devices can be operated with less practice and expertise.

Ensuring feasibility & quality.

Continuous weld seams lead to lower heat introduction at consistently high-quality visual results.

Implementing savings potentials.

Labour costs are reduced by fast parametrisation and shorter lead times.

Creating attractive jobs.

Automation is the future. It turns your production into a modern and attractive workplace for young specialists.

In the best hands with the experts.

200% competence for you.

Welding automation is not only about increasing productivity. Weld seam quality must be correct ads well! As a result, Yaskawa, the market leader in robot welding, and Lorch have teamed up to develop a unique combination of world-class automation competence and concentrated arc expertise: 200% of competence for your welding production.

High-quality welding robots meet specifically developed power sources and matching accessories, designed and tested for welding in cutting-edge, challenging productions. The individual system components and their communication with each other are perfectly coordinated to ensure a working automation solution with high-quality welds.

100% arc competence by Lorch

  • Cutting-edge welding production
  • Local and familiar contacts
  • Quick welding-technical service
  • Coordinated delivery & commissioning

100% automation competence by Yaskawa


  • Broad robot range
  •  Market leader in robot welding
  •  Highest quality
  • Application-specific welding robot


We produce weld seams of up to 100 metres per part. We depend on efficiency and reproducible quality.

Wolfgang John

department head at ARBURG

Everything from a single source.

Greater advantages. Greater comfort. Greater quality.

Automation solutions from Yaskawa and Lorch not only offer the general advantages of welding automation, but also some unique advantages of a perfectly coordinated automation solution: Everything from a single source.

Facilitating planning and integration for greater comfort and quality in daily work.


Universal Lorch interface.

The interface connects the robot to the power source. It is perfectly matched to both components, simplifying programming and control of the power sources and reducing susceptibility to errors to provide greater safety and increased quality as a result.

Speed processes.

Innovative Lorch welding processes renders welding much easier and faster, reducing production costs in the long term.

Seam tracking.

Digital seam tracking makes it possible to ensure that welding has been performed correctly, no matter the type of control and arc. This makes operation more comfortable and expands your welding options.

Performance & service life.

The Lorch product and torch range, developed specifically for this automation solution and optimised based on the system, is perfectly matched to a wide range of applications for perfect welding performance and longer service lives of the wear parts.

Cooperation & service.

Close cooperation between Yaskawa and Lorch ensures smooth processes in delivery, commissioning, and service. A fixed contact can provide quick help.

Plug & weld

Automate your welding production in the blink of an eye and profit from your welding work right away with the quick, simple, and automatic solutions from Yaskawa and Lorch.


Batch size 1 and full automation are not always mutually exclusive.

Made possible by innovative automation solutions.

Injection-moulding machine manufacturer Arburg uses an innovative robot welding system from Yakawa together with a Lorch power source, proving that smart full automation pays off for smaller series production as well.

  • Customer-order-related production
  • Maximal flexibility of the welding robot cell
  • Highest availability and process safety
  • Best welding results

Are you facing your very own challenge in the area of welding automation?

Contact us. We will find the right automation solution for efficient, high-quality, and safe completion of your welding tasks together.

Based on your needs, the experts at Lorch and Yaskawa will compile potential solutions and corresponding quotations. While Lorch selects the power source and accessories, Yaskawa will supply a suitable automation solution. The result is a coordinated package for your project.


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