An ingenious principle - Lorch MicorBoost Inside

As precise as clockwork – power reserves like a turbocharger.

Patented MicorBoost technology affords inverters a nearly perfect weld curve, acting like turbochargers in cars: utilising maximum power in the smallest of spaces. Even extremely compact systems like the Lorch MicorStick or MicorTIG and the X Series benefit from a significant boost in performance. As soon as the current is reduced due to external disruptions, it is now possible to activate significantly higher voltage reserves. 

A role model for the breakthrough is the mechanical watch mechanism which moves evenly, irrespective of position due to harmonic oscillation. As in the balance spring in a mechanical watch, the energy oscillates constantly between rotary movement and spring tension, the welding transformer and the resonance capacitors in the MicorBoost inverter form a harmonic, electrical oscillating circuit. This flywheel is initiated with the correct power at the right time. Instead of forcing the cycle with material-critical switching on and off, the constantly oscillating circuits act smoothly. The regulation, however, does not limit the current, but is actually oriented to the output. The enormous power reserve of a MicorBoost inverter is regulated extremely quickly thereby so that it has voltage reserves available as and when it needs them for the welding process.

Enhanced performance thanks to MicorBoost

Using MicorBoost, the current proves to be insensitive to external disruption. The result is an intensively burning and permanently stable arc. When put to use during electrode welding, MicorBoost offers the welder the additional benefit of welding CEL and special electrodes with perfect results. The special advantage of the MicorBoost effect during TIG welding lies in the exact and reliable high frequency ignition.

What MicorBoost means for all Lorch machines can be summed up like this: less is more – that applies to the weight and size, the current consumption and the price. The only thing that is not cut back is plenty of power.

Long-distance champion. For cables with a length of up to 200 m.

Electrode welders are considered as the nomads among the welders – mobility in operation is the order of the day. There are often large distances - especially outdoors - that need to be covered between the working locations. However, mobility is a key factor for small TIG systems as well. Welding machines should satisfy these requirements adequately, living up to the motto: weight down, performance up. 

MicorBoost technology expands the radius of the welder to a maximum of 200 metres while guaranteeing perfectly reliable ignition even when operating on long mains cables or hooked up to a generator - without affecting weld quality.


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