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Lorch power and colleague Mr. Robot

S-RoboMIG XT. For maximum ­performance with your robot.

Lorch S-RoboMIG
  • High-end welding performance
  • Digital-intelligent process technology
  • Comprehensive interface technology
  • Customised configurations
  • Innovative upgrade concept

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Robo-MicorMIG. The affordable start into robot welding.

Lorch S-Robo-MicorMIG
  • MicorBoost technology
  • From exceptionally simple to ... whatever you need
  • Comprehensive interface technology
  • Innovative upgrade concept
  • Ready for more

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V-RoboTIG. For TIG and TIG cold wire.

  • Powerful TIG
  • Aluminium welding (AC/DC variant)
  • Comprehensive interface technology
  • Pulsing and fast pulsing up to 20 kHz

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BUS coupling system for all common protocols

The LorchNet Connector is responsible for the optimum connection between the Robo-MicorMIG power source and the robot control. It essentially acts as an interpreter translating all signals and information of the internal LorchNet bus system into a language the robot can understand. In other words: in converts the signals into one of the most commonly used fieldbus and industrial Ethernet protocols.
It is also capable of communicating all signals relevant to the torch control, e.g. purging function, ­anti-collision function, and contact sensor, entirely over the bus system.
Available as an alternative: Analogue-digital interfaces INT-06 and INT-02 for switch cabinet installation or built into the power source.

RF-06 at a glance

4-roll precision wire feeder with robust, weight-optimised feed plate made of plastic reinforced with fibreglass and with a change of rolls without tools.

Functionally optimised connectivity for ­control cable, gas, compressed air, wire ­delivery and welding current (secure cable lug connection).

Intricate base construction including insulated bottom plate, installation duct for water lines and fastening option for various robot adapter plates.

Seam tracking function

The high-end control technology built into Lorch’s S-RoboMIG XT performs real-time calculations based on a large volume of information and uses the results to generate a signal that the robot control can understand. This applies to both standard and pulsed arc processes. This seam detection and tracking function essentially allows the robot to continuously and automatically adjust the position of the torch guidance to the actual conditions of the workpiece. The signal that generated is suitable both for a vertical and horizontal adjustment of the torch guidance.

Horizontal seam tracking

Vertical seam tracking


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