The Lorch product series at a glance


The S-XT series

Extra fast. Extra low-spatter. Extra proficient handling.

S-SpeedPulse XT turns you into the undisputed Master of the Arc. This is assured by the patented control technology of the new Lorch S-series. It combines the new S-SpeedPulse XT process and all of the benefits of the earlier SpeedPulse welding process. Add the extremely robust and stable properties of the arc, and you will get: improved handling, higher quality with next to no spatter and, consequently, a much lower amount of rework. This is what we call welding at the pulse of time.


    The P-series

    Productive, stable, fast.

    The P series is already impressive with outstanding MIG-MAG welding characteristics which let every welder work more easily and in a more productive way. We offer an incredibly stable and easy to control arc across the complete current range. The SpeedArc feature of the P eries also allows you to activate the MIG-MAG “turbo” and weld up to 30% faster. It is ideal for narrow joints, saves material and achieves higher strength due to the improved deeper penetration.

    • Available in 300 A, 350 A, 450 A, 550 A
    • Infinitely variable welding inverter for MIG-MAG welding and electrode welding function
    • Digital regulation technology for reliable, faster, and spatter-free ignition
    • Automatic arc length regulation for balancing unevenness
    • Automatic, infinitely variable welding choke adjustment for dynamic welding behavior
    • Double feeder variants with one or two separate wire feeders

    The MicorMIG series

    It´s time to start thinking differently.

    Lorch MicorMIG sets new standards and makes switching to a modern, infinitely variable welding system as easy and effective as can be. Apart from offering  outstanding welding performance on sheet metal and in the area of medium to heavy steel work the system also offers an exceptional price-performance ratio and simply comes across as a better alternative to the common transformer system. Also, certified in accordance with EN 1090.

    The M-Pro-series

    The M-Pro has what others don´t have:

    An inclined torch connection for optimum wire guidance aand furthermore pure synergy. You only have to specify the material / wire / gas combination. The automatic setting control of the M-Pro handles the rest. You simply control everything else using the material thickness – ingenious in this class.



    The MX 350

    Daily routine at the construction site:

    Hard installation work, inspections looming, all trades are rushing to finish the job. Costly rework or delays are out of the question. Not a challenge at all if you have the Lorch MX 350.


    The V-series

    The V is the professional TIG industrial system.

    The state-of-the-art, digital TIG inverter welding system welds steel, stainless steel, copper and aluminium in AC/DC version without compromise and all this with the simplest operating front panel. Also completely automated if required.



    The T-Pro-series

    The T-Pro series stands for professional TIG welding that produces industrial-grade results of superior quality.

    The T-Pro series distinguishes itself by its sophisticated inverter technology and control options that offers TIG professionals everything they need to achieve perfect results. Other convenient features include the automatic on-demand function, which will switch the fan to standby whenever you interrupt your welding operation, and, thereby, saves energy, and the memory function which lets you save welding parameters automatically. The TF-Pro is the model of choice if the supply of filler material is required during TIG welding in order to, for instance, bridge gaps and compensate for material tolerances. TF-Pro represents the perfect marriage of TIG inverter technology and TIG cold wire feed. With separate, removable operating panel and special cold wire controller.

    The T-series

    TIG perfection on the move and in your manufacturing operation.

    What was only possible with enormous welding machines of yesterday is handled today in the smallest space with T series technology. Good ergonomics and easy to carry from only 12 kg. The T series is available in all power variants as DC and AC/DC versions and provides you with maximum flexibility. On the one hand it impresses as a mobile site unit but also becomes the complete machine solution for workshop and manufacturing operations using the optional water cooler and the Maxi-Trolley.

    The Handy TIG-series

    Professional TIG welding quality in DC or AC modes does not have to be complicated

    The portable TIG-Inverters of the HandyTIG Series show how easy it is: switch on and weld! The arc is continuously monitored and optimized during the welding. Skilfully and perfectly from a 230 V mains power supply. A HandyTIG is the ideal working machine for mobile use on construction and is also just as impressive during workshop operation.




    The X-series

    Built for extreme use.

    Extra powerful for large electrodes and, thanks to MicorBoost, excellent for CEL. The X is used wherever demanding welding jobs need to be performed on a daily basis. More often than not, these jobs must be performed in the harshest conditions and rough terrain. For this reason, the X is equipped with everything you might need for operation outside of the workshop.

    The MicorStick-series

    MicorStick & MobilePower

    Cut off from the mains supply, yet still powerful. High-performance battery technology makes it possible. First-rate welding performance where you need it. Up to 28 electrodes (ø 2.5 mm) powered with just one battery charge. MicorStick “Accu-ready” and MobilePower 1 by Lorch – the dream team for your mobile welding applications.


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