HandyTIG 180 DC
Your entry into the professional league of TIG welding.
  • Operation concepts: ControlPro
  • 5 - 180 A
  • ED 60% at 40°C: 150 A
  • Steel/stainless steel: up to 8 mm

Robust build with crash protection.

Are light weight and robust build mutually exclusive? Of course they aren’t! Even dropped down the stairs or pushed off of a workbench, this system will survive easily thanks to its crash protection at heights of up to 80 cm.

Mobile at the construction site.

Compact enough to fit into the optional assembly case with full TIG equipment for comfortable transport.


The special coating of the electronics, its integrated air duct and oversized power components optimise protection and service lives.

Safety and certification.

The Lorch HandyTIG 180 DC welding unit offers true IP 23S certification, the S mark, and tested CE conformity to European standards. Ongoing quality assurance “Made in Germany” further adds to this package to ensure uncompromising safety in the workshop and at the construction site.

Country-specific product variants.

Country-specific product variants are available for this Lorch welding unit. These may differ in the mains supply, the mains plug or other product features required for the country. You want to know more? Contact your local Lorch partner.

Technical data

TIG welding
Welding range 1~ 230 V: [A] 5 - 180
Voltage range: [V] 10.2 - 17.2
TIG Duty cycle DC 400 V
Duty cycle DC 100% (40°c): [A] 130
Duty cycle DC 60% (40°c): [A] 150
Duty cycle DC at max. current (40°c): [%] 35
Electrode welding
Welding range 230 V: [A] 5 - 150
Voltage range: [V] 20.2 - 26
Weldable electrodes: [Ø in mm] 1.5 - 4
Electrode duty cycle
Duty cycle 100% (40°c): [A] 130
Duty cycle 60%: [A] 150
Duty cycle at max. current (40°c): [%] 35
Process-independent data
Open circuit voltage: [V] 19 - 83
Mains 230 V
Mains voltage 1~ (50/60 Hz): [V] 230
Mains fuse 1~ (50/60 Hz): [A] 16
Positive mains tolerance 1~ (50/60 Hz): [%] 15
Negative mains tolerance 1~ (50/60 Hz): [%] 25
Mains plug
Mains plug: Schuko
Standards and approvals
Protection class: IP23S
Insulation class: F
Norm/Standard: EN 60974-01
Designation/Certification: CE, S
Cooling type
Cooling type: Gas-cooled
Dimensions length x width x height
Dimensions (LxWxH) [mm] 337 × 130 × 211
Weight: [kg] 6.5

ControlPro DC

  • “3 steps and weld” operating concept
  • Stepless current adjustment
  • Amperometric digital display
  • Job memory for 2 TIG and MMA welding tasks each


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